Wobble Art Gallery

Hi there, and welcome to my Art Gallery!  I’m so glad you’ve visited, and hope you enjoy my work.  If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning a work of art, please email me at cindy.ruberg@gmail.com to get in touch.  Below the gallery is my Artist Statement.  I will update this page as I generate new work.

Artist Statement

I have always loved art; as a little girl I was enticed by colouring books and Disney characters.  As I got older, I started to gravitate towards painting as my preferred medium, and ever since, have continued to grow in my understanding and love of acrylic paints.  As my style changes, my love of colour continues to surface in my work.  The vibrant colours draw you into the picture; the whimsical, simple, story-telling style invites you to join in with the characters inside the canvas.  For me, art is a process that starts with inspiration, and is carried out into a tangible image on a surface.  It is very exciting to see a final piece when it has been buried in my mind’s eye.

My current style is inspired by my husband Andres’s hand-drawn caricatures, found on the sides of his notebooks.  It was discovered because of a wedding present; I wanted to paint a colourful, simple picture of the married couple hiking, but all my pre-design ideas had too much detail.  Andres stepped in and drew a quick sketch to explain that it could be done “this way.”  I immediately thought that the image was exactly what I was looking for; I added some colour and the result was phenomenal!  So good in fact that I almost didn’t give it away!  Since then Andres has drawn the majority of the design ideas while I add the flair and colour.  Our style has evolved from its humble beginnings to what you see today, as I constantly find ways to add details in, but all in all, the pictures have kept their simple, playful feel.

I have a bachelor of Arts majoring in Fine Arts and am trained as an Art Teacher.  Painting is one of my favourite ways to relax.

Selected Exhibitions

2010 Affordable Art Fair, SAGA, Salmon Arm, BC

2009 Affordable Art Fair, SAGA, Salmon Arm, BC

2009 A Touch of Colour, Solo Exhibition, Kopp Gallery, Williams Lake, BC

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