Walk in the Woods

Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest

This past week has been an interesting one.  My main job currently involves being on-call and I was expecting to be busy and to have trouble finding the time to paint.  My week has been the opposite to what I expected;  I did not get called all week and I found myself not quite sure what to do with all my ‘free time’!  Our house has been spic-and-span and I have had lots of time to think about what sort of direction I want to take my artistic ideas.  I think they will be in constant change, but I do find sometimes I need a specific direction to turn and move towards.

This week’s painting speaks to this direction, or rather how we don’t really know what will be ahead of us.  We can only see so far ahead and plan so far in advance before our path takes a different turn than we expected.  The painting took a different direction than its creator intended!  My husband Andres originally had an idea for an “enchanted forest” but he imagined it with a more mysterious and summer-y feel.  He had thought I would paint it in different greens and add some flowers here and there.  My mind imagined it as it turned out: more a study of reds oranges and yellows; a chance to have fun with brightness and complementary colours (I tried very hard to put a lot of orange and yellow trees close to the top where the blue / purple sky is.  Also, I tried to strategically place my fir trees to fit in with the red ones)  When you think of enchanted forests, what is the first image that comes to your mind?


7 thoughts on “Walk in the Woods

  1. Oooh… very nice painting. It reminds me of the fall (minus the rain). I sure hope you do more posts like this one!

  2. That’s beautiful, Cindy!
    I can certainly see your interpretation; definitely more Fall-ish than Drez’s concept. Any reason for the Autumn colours?

    1. Seeing success with another painting that used the same colour scheme had something to do with it; I was excited to try that same palette on a grander scale.

  3. I think of Robin Hood and his merry men from shrek when I think of enchanted forests. The song is so catchy 🙂

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