You’ve got mail

I love mail.  When I was younger, I would check the mailbox every day, sometimes twice if I thought I had checked too early, hoping perhaps the letters might arrive later on.  Even bills are exciting to me!  Anyways, I had a couple packages waiting on my doorstep one day this week, and I was more than estatic.  Packages!  More than one!  I brought them inside and marveled at what would be inside. (I knew of course, I had recently ordered some art supplies and was anxiously waiting for them)

Art Supplies

They were expertly packaged, and inside I found a gorgeous new canvas, its purpose I’ll save for another post, and some new paints: a funky new green colour, a primary blue, and of course, Titanium white.  (The paint brushes are purely for show and made the picture look more artsy!)  I couldn’t wait to use my new materials … however, this week has been very different than the last; I worked four of five days.  It was great to feel as useful out of the house as  inside, therefore, there wasn’t as much time to put aside for painting as I had hoped.  What a perfect week to finish up a project that has been calling to me for some time.  I have a soft spot for this painting first of all because it was my dad who gave me the original idea; second of all, because I used my memories of helping my dad in the garage as my inspiration.

Dad's Helper

Dad’s Helper

A friend asked me to make a personalized version with a couple of tweaks made special for her own daughter.  I was thrilled!  It has been fun to think about this painting on a different level; the original picture was able to bring about memories in my family as well as hers.  This is what I love about the “wobble style”.  Perhaps one of my favourite things is that I can create pictures without a lot of detail, which  allows the viewer to  place themselves in the scene making the painting personal for each individual.  Can you relate with this painting, or if not, what might make it more relatable?


4 thoughts on “You’ve got mail

  1. Hi cind,
    I forgot that we had the mail thing in common. I still love getting the mail and it is the first thing that I check for every day when I get home and then I check the answering machine.

  2. My Dad & I made a deal: If I needed work done on my car, I had to get everything ready: ie, block and jack the car, get the tools etc. I became such a good assistant that Dad gave me my own oil rag, some tools and the title of Junior Assistant Mechanic!

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