Different Shades of Green

I tried all day to find the perfect match; everything seemed to be the wrong colour or shade, or brightness or … something … to go with a beautiful skirt I had found and purchased (on sale!) on a previous occasion. Now, granted, I am not the world’s best clothing ensembler, but this seemed ridiculous; the skirt was an off-white with small terracotta pinstripes. How hard can it be to match a colour or style with off-white?! I remember being in the mall ALL day going into every store whose windows sported anything remotely girly, without any luck. Colour co-ordination (in terms of clothing) is harder than it looks! I have always found it funny that clothing coordination in terms of colour is so hard for me when colour choosing for paintings is usually very easy. My sister got all the style genes; fortunately for me, she loves shopping, and and helps give my wardrobe the right shades (mostly not green!) When I’m painting, if I get in a pinch I generally use a colour wheel. It helps me wisely choose when to use warm and cool colours (which we women also use to determine our makeup shades although we might not think about it) and complementary colours for dramatic wow factors. This week I was caught off guard while painting my canvas; the greens I wanted for background depth just did not seem to match. So in the end, after much thought and observation, I decided to make a green colour palette to determine which ones would fit best.

My hubby and I spent quite a bit of time thinking about the right shades of to use and how they would interact together. I was hoping you as the reader would be my critiquers this week – do you think the greens work together in this image?

Miriam's Suprise
Miriam’s Surprise

Many people often comment that my work has a “childish” quality about it, which I like. In this case, it works really well as this happens to be my first nursery accessory! I am due in June and do not know if a little boy or girl is coming my way, so along with the trouble of greens, there was also a distinct effort made to keep it gender neutral. I personally think the dragonflies are my favourite part; they are the “pops” of colour that I always try to incorporate in.

On another note entirely, I am feeling good about painting a bit every day; it has taken a bit of time to get back into the habit but I’m getting there! As always, deadlines are the reason projects get accomplished, so I was busy yesterday finishing the final touches, but it wasn’t like a “Sunday evening” painting you know what I mean? (Even though that does bring me back to my university days where I remember my all nighters painting – some people write papers all night? I painted all night šŸ™‚ Anyways, we’ll save those stories for another post. My next post is going to involve the canvas I ordered a week or so back. It is 24in by 36in , so it’s gonna be big; I’ll try and post midweek about how it’s going – this one is definately NOT a “Sunday evening finisher” šŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Different Shades of Green

  1. I like how the greens work together in the painting. In just the stripes, the 2nd from the left seems a bit bright as though the undertone is different than the others. Its so fun to have a picture with a story behind it… and Moses’ story will be such an wonderful one to share with your little one.

  2. I love the painting and the colors, but I do think that some of the greenery could have a bit more of a yellow tint to them, just to lighten up the nursery a bit more. Your critic at its best šŸ™‚

  3. You have a blog – how exciting! I’ve added you to my blog reader. I love the painting. Monkey and I have been watching the Veggie Tales: Heroes of the Bible 3 which has the story of Moses and Miriam. I like the greens and look forward to seeing your next work of art šŸ™‚

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