An Old Friend

Mid-week post!

Untitled (for right now!)
Untitled (for now!)

In order to have one of these, it means I have been working hard since my last online entry and already have something to show for it! (This might be a rare occurance, we’ll see as time goes on) A few weeks back I was commissioned to create a painting involving the RCMP Musical Ride.  It brought back memories of myself as a younger, aspiring artist, who had no particular recurring theme when creating new pieces.  In my experience, many artists have these, and if I allow myself to be stereotypical, often they are objects like paper clips or swirls.  Sometimes it happens to be body parts and pieces: heads (particularly eyes or lips) or hands.  On occasion, it is not suprising to have artists focus on themes like death, body identity, so on and so forth – the list is endless really.   In university I thought in order to be an artist I had to have a recurring theme too, so I tried different ideas on for size – I liked flowers for awhile, but they wilted.  I doodled swirls too, but it became more of a way to fill a page than a work of art.  Hands were interesting but I could never get into the drawing of the little veins or scars I saw.  For one particular project I focused on the RCMP; it had good colour potential (the Red Serge) and there were countless ways I could portray them – good guys, bad guys, people who took your money, people who had families and little kids, people who caught baddies, and people who symbolize our Country, etc etc.  It was an interesting project and I ended up really enjoying it; the critique my class gave me I’ll never forget – obviously many of them had had negative encounters and considered all Cops to be ‘bad guys’.  I don’t know if they had even thought of them as people doing a job, nevertheless them having feelings or pulling people over WITH A REASON.  Then again, I’ve never been pulled over before 😛  I think I’m neutral: I think the RCMP has a place in our society, but I’m not saying that they make good choices all the time.  However, I do believe that the institution of the RCMP does try to keep up its integrity, and one of the ways they do this by visiting different communities in the form of the Musical Ride.  I’ve seen it and it is entertaining!  I mean, who doesn’t like parading horses huh?  In any case, it’s nice to think that my RCMP theme isn’t a one trick pony (haha).

P.S.  Who thinks I’ll finish the canvas?!


2 thoughts on “An Old Friend

  1. You’ll finish, I’m sure of it! As for the RCMP without them we’d be in big trouble, even when we’re being pulled over 🙂 I only got one ticket in my life, I was late for a hockey game and was hauling through Kelowna. I hit a speed trap and got pulled over for excessive speed….the ticket was ugly!

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