A Brighter Day

Spring Sunshine
Spring Sunshine

Is the weather as nice where you live as it looks outside my window?  I don’t know about you, but it sure has been a mild winter, which makes me kind of sad in many ways; I love the snow and the beauty that comes with a fresh blanket of sparkly white.  I enjoy the crisp winter air and the rosiness on my cheeks when I come back inside (natural make-up!)  My hubby loves to ski the slopes, and I like to try about once, maybe twice a year 🙂  My birthday is also during the winter months, and being a birthday lover, I look forward to this time of the year.  As a student, December meant a two week break from school, three weeks for university.  Time off to do whatever you like; paint, sleep in, shop, look at Christmas lights, the list is really endless.

At the same time, there are aspects that I look forward to in regards to spring, in particular, the longer, lighter days.  While I lived in Vancouver and worked full time in one of the surrounding areas, I remember leaving my house at 6:45am to trudge through the darkness to the bus stop.  By the time I got off the bus at 8am, it was just beginning to lighten up.  Also take into consideration that I’m talking about Vancouver, so “light” can mean dreary clouds lots of the time!  (Maybe most of the time?!)  By the time I was finished work and ready to head home at 4:45pm, it was already dark.  I must say that I am thankful to live in a brighter place, and not have such a long commute!

My painting this week focuses on the beauty of the spring sunshine.  Don’t you look forward to the days when you’ll walk outside, and think to yourself, no I think I’ll leave my coat home this time!  My favourite thing about this picture is the way the paint comes off the canvas in the flowers.  Can you see it?  I generally paint flat for lack of a better word, but every once in awhile, I get excited and add in some extra texture.   I hope Mr. Sunshine was in your neighbourhood today.

P.S.  my commission is waiting on approval / final changes and I really think it’s only fair that the buyer sees it first!  Barring any unforseen circumstances,  (like a redo!) I should have that picture up for my mid-week post.  My last post joked about the fact that it could not be a Sunday finisher, well, lets just say that having had a busy weekend, it was a tight finish!  It’s amazing how time can get away from you even when you’re NOT procrastinating!  I worked diligently all week and a big canvas takes time.  Add to that a different style of painting than I have done in awhile, it was a great challenge for me.  I think having this blog was what really motivated me to get it done!  So thank you to all my readers who kept me accountable 🙂  I hope when you see it on Thursday that you like the result as much as I do.


4 thoughts on “A Brighter Day

  1. Hi Cindy!
    This will be great to keep up with you. I miss you dear so much especially during this time of your life. I knew you so well as a young girl and love watching you as a woman. I love your heart in your paintings and the feel you have comes through. Hope one day to get to sit and visit with you again soon. I love being a grandmother and I think it helps me give better hugs… you will have to judge next time I get to give ya one.

    Love you dear girl

  2. Hello Cindy,

    What a wonderful way to see your art work and the thoughts and feeling behind each one. I look forward to your posts. I still would love to purchase one of your paintings but deciding which one is the hard part. Maybe Uncle Peter and I will have to take a trip out your way and see what you have for sale.

    All the best!


    Aunt Leanne

  3. I love the way this picutre takes me back to my childhood and lets me re-visit the carefree days that were so special, wonderful memories 🙂

  4. I love this picture!! I love tulips and I love the part of spring when everything starts to look pretty (not the muddy gray part).

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