Ride on! Or, Right on!

Ride on!
Ride on!

As promised, here is the finished RCMP piece, and as mentioned in my earlier entry, I am quite pleased with it.   My favourite part about the painting is the bright colour, and if you are in any way interested,  the colour ‘pop’ comes about because there is Red directly beside the green (they are complementary colours)  Do you think there needs to be some extra detailing in the background, or do you like the flat colour?  If I were to give my opinion, I would say I like it as is since the Red Serge is so detailed, it kind of balances out.  In any case, let me know what you think!  I know you love the wobble crowd …! I put that in there just for you guys.  This is a “wobblog” after all 🙂  Those balloons actually have inspired my next painting that I’m currently working on.  Up until I started this blog, I had taken a bit of a painting “break” and looking back at that decision, I think it was a positive one since I am feeling my creativity coming back.  New ideas are coming to me easier than before and I am looking at my canvases with excitement again.  Andres always helps with my image designs and often assists me with colour choices.  It seems that he is also ready to get back into it.

On a different note entirely, any suggestions on the organization of one’s hobbies?  I am finding that as I become more engaged in my artwork, I am finding bits and pieces of my equipment all over my house.  I do have one small cupboard where I stuff my brushes and paint when company is coming over, but otherwise, it’s become part of the woodwork, so to speak 🙂  With work picking up again, at least short term, I am feeling a bit stretched.  Has anything in particular worked for you?  I would love any ideas (inexpensive solutions always fit the bill too!)


2 thoughts on “Ride on! Or, Right on!

  1. I am very proud that you did another RCMP painting! Afterall, it has been part of my world for almost 29 years, so I think I should be a little proud! I guess it has molded me and shaped me in an indirect way, as every move means change, adventure, and growth, etc. Way to Go Cindy!

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