“close up”

Wow, what a busy week!  Birthday parties, work excitement, visitors, plus Olympics adventures made for less time than there was things to do.  I think everyone has days (or weeks) like that when you wish you could either stop time, or have 30 hour days.  Suffice to say I hardly had any time to work on painting this week.   However, now that I have no active commissions I can start working on some new ideas Andres and I have been brainstorming.  If you remember, I had some little folks holding balloons inserted into the background of my RCMP painting.  That gave me the idea of focusing on the balloons in their own painting.  They are so colorful and fun, I thought they would make a great subject.

I have a love / hate relationship with balloons.  They are hard to blow up, and make your cheeks hurt.  They don’t last long.  They also are really, a drain on the environment. (I know, there are a lot of things that are a drain, we just won’t go there!)  However, they are often very vibrant and if you are lucky enough to get one with helium, it’s a nice decoration for at least a couple days.  Balloons can also be given with sweet intentions.  Funny though, that often, it is more fun to “let it go” than keep it?  Share the joy and colour with others.  Where do they really go?  Do they float off into the sky and eventually deflate and fall into someone’s yard?  Do they get popped by passing birds or lightening?  Who knows. (Speaking of a good movie that uses Balloons, and no I’m not thinking of UP, it’s an Australian “chick flick” called Danny Deckchair – it’s great, no joke, go rent it!)

Where do they go?

Anyways, my week, if painted, could represent this picture.  My job situation stabilized this week rather than being sporadic (and on-call) and to boot, I have someone I can carpool with, some of our friends just moved into their first home, my pregnancy has been going well and our baby is healthy and growing, my dad gets home at the end of this week after being away for a month (helping at the Olympics!)  Anyways, there is certainly lots to be thankful for, and each thing is a gift, a colourful part of my life, like those balloons.  What do you have to be thankful for lately?  Any “balloons” in your sky?

P.S.  Sorry for no post this past Thursday – I was out celebrating my job 🙂


5 thoughts on “Up

  1. You’re right, that is rather cute. I like the colours on these balloons, too. Plus there’s a certain kind of freedom only expressible in balloons having been let go.

  2. I am so thankful for my three wonderful children, and two great son in laws! I couldn’t really ask for more, could I? I love the picture with the balloons; they are so bursting with color that they take you to another place.Love it 🙂

  3. You picture makes me wish it was summer time and I was eating ice cream in the park 😀 Can’t wait to hear about the new job! I’m glad the pregnancy is going well, how far along are you now?

  4. I love your happy balloons Cindy! So happy and summery (I totally agree Josee…). And I haven’t seen your chick flick yet, so I’ll have to rent it next time it’s my turn to pick.

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