Golden Inspiration

I love Canada.  I love when they win.  I also love it when they win against the US.

Golden Inspiration
Golden Inspiration

I mean, who didn’t watch that last hockey game on Sunday??  To boot, was everyone on the edge of their seat ready to jump into song and jubilation, when with 20 seconds left, we were scored on?  Unbelievable!  What a tension-filled overtime.  I think Sydney Crosby is Canada’s new hero!

The Olympics was unfortunately absent from my tv screen this time around.  Not thinking, Andres and I cancelled our cable because there was “nothing on” two weeks before the games started.  My favourite things to watch during the Olympics are definitely the figure skating, curling and hockey.  Lucky for me, the gold skate made by Moir and Virtue was on CTV, and while in Edmonton this past weekend (see my last post) my sister had curling on.  I got back just in time Sunday to watch the gold hockey game.  From the little bit I’ve seen on tv, there have been parties non stop throughout these past two weeks.  I do find it funny that Andres and I were so excited to leave the city before the Olympics started because it would be so hectic, not to mention crowded.  Now that it’s all over and I’ve heard how much fun people have had going down to Robson Square or downtown, (my brother who currently lives in the lower mainland even went to BC place for the opening ceremonies and although he wasn’t inside, there were huge screens outside for people to gather and watch.  He had a great time!)  I wonder if it might not have been really cool to have been there.  The only really negative thing I’ve heard is that driving anywhere was impossible, and people were scared to take the buses.  Any stories you have that you want to share about being in Vancouver during the Olympics?

My painting this week salutes Canada’s athletes; I think they all did an amazing job and deserve credit for their accomplishments, whether or not they received a medal.  It takes an enormous amount of talent and courage to represent Canada in such a way.  I wanted the Canadian flag to be pretty dominant in the picture, and I tried to use the Olympic colours where possible with my wobble, who is carrying the torch.  And in fact, this painting up for grabs – every person who comments up until Wednesday at midnight will be entered into a draw and whoever wins will be posted on Thursday!  I will then ask for your address, and will send your Olympic painting to you.  Good luck, and Happy Monday!


12 thoughts on “Golden Inspiration

  1. I have to say that as a fellow non-cabler, CTV’s website was a godsend, I loved being able to watch the action live and cheer on our athletes. I was hesitant about being in this city during the games, especially since I work downtown, but it really was a blast seeing all the craziness (Canada Line skytrain notwithstanding).

    I’ve never had much of a sense of national pride, perhaps from living in different countries and having foreign-born parents, but these past couple of weeks have certainly made me feel Canadian. I couldn’t be prouder of both how we performed athletically as a nation, but also how we welcomed the world and congratulated all the athletes, volunteers, organisers, and spectators. I’m really proud to have been part of the crowds!

    It’s a lovely painting, Cindy, and does a good job of showcasing not only our athletic ability but also our Canadian pride!

  2. Its been soo long since I’ve seen you and I never knew that you painted. Its been great to see all of your paintings and get a little catch up on whats been going on in your lives. Thanks for sharing, and great picture.

  3. Cindy,
    The game was too exciting; at one point I had to turn the tv off. After we won, I taught my two little nephews an olympic gold medal song and dance. Love the painting!!


  4. Great painting Cindy, I love it!

    I watched as much of the olympics as I could… cheering on our athletes, all the medals, and of course that nail-biting game. It was so cool to see it all happening in Vancouver, a once in a lifetime experience!

  5. Love your painting Cindy!
    The three of us went over to Vancouver to see the excitement and it was great! I wouldn’t have mind at all still living there… There was so much to see, impossible to do everything in just one day!

  6. Cute painting! It would have been fun to be in Vancouver if not somewhat chaotic. We don’t have cable either but we watched a bunch of events over the internet and there was barely any commercials! What a great way to end the Olympics, gold in men’s hockey!

  7. Hey, Cindy! I’m glad your mom pointed me in the direction of your blog! What a great idea!! You certainly are a talented young lady!! The idea for your painting is perfect – as an ‘imported’ Canadian, I didn’t always have the pride in this country that I should have, but after this past two weeks, it has definitely increased! And yes, we watched the game!!! Probably the best hockey I’ve ever seen! Great job here, Cindy – I look forward to following your work!

  8. Cindy, Your artistic talent is awesome – to create a tribute to the 2010 Olympics with the Canadian flag and Mr. WOBBLES with the torch, touches my heart. Keep your imagination going!!!!!

    Love Gramma

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