Drumroll …

Well, the week has come and gone; it’s Friday tomorrow!  I often wonder at the mystery of why some days move on so fast while others drag on and on.  This week was a quick one for me; most of the time I can attribute the “fast” to good events happening, like having good friends over, stimulating conversations, being busy with work (feeling like you can’t keep up!) Canucks games, painting or reading a good book.  Shopping last weekend with the girls was also great!  I find the “slow” times happen when I do not like what the situation surrounding me.  I hope this next week goes by with a lazy feeling to it.  I am talking about Spring Break.  Being a teacher has some sweet benefits, which I look forward to all year.  And the truth is, I wish every occupation could have a spring break; who doesn’t need some down time, and I’m not talking about always going on a holiday either.  No, I’m thinking like, getting to sleep in, taking some long walks to reflect and renew ones self, taking a break from the business of life, stopping to smell the coffee, because it sure can get away from me sometimes, that’s for sure!  Sometimes we need to take a break from our jobs and get some friend-time in too.

At the Beach

My painting this week is not one I’ve done over the last couple of days, rather, one I painted for my exhibition this past fall.  Still, I thought it would be appropriate nonetheless.  My favourite part is the sand castle being built by the two wobbles at the front center.  It reminds me of family vacations when I was young, and it also gives me a sense of the pleasure one can take from freeing the mind of a schedule, just to do whatever comes up in the moment.  Lay on the beach, play in the water etc.  Since many of you unfortunately don’t have a spring break scheduled in your work year, what do you do to keep well rested and relaxed?   For those of you who do, how are you planning on spending your week of rest?

I personally am looking forward to painting – I have been getting lots of ideas swirling around and I hope I can find some time to explore and have fun with canvas.  Also, I will be working on my blog gallery and my online store to get it more up to date.  If you haven’t checked out my store yet, check out Cindyswobbleshop and give me some feedback – it’s always really appreciated!

And now for the drumroll: The winner of the Olympics painting is … Ruth!  Congratulations!

(Those of you who know me, this was done with every precaution!  Andres randomly chose a folded piece of paper without looking! haha) In any case, there will be more draws in the future so stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Drumroll …

  1. As always, i really enjoy seeing your work. Its just so much fun! I wish i could go crashing into those waves right now… kick off the last of winter. On the plus side, our Robins are coming back so spring is close!

  2. Your post sounds like a sabbath post! I’ve been learning about it lately (as a part of having a Rule of Life) and we all need them regularly (one a week in fact!). I hope you enjoy your week off! Maybe we could have a visit!

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