Glossed over

On Monday I mentioned in my post that I was busy painting walls, not just canvas.  I have forgotten just how much work it is to paint a room, especially if you want to do some special effects on top of a new paint job.  My vision was to add some gloss stripes to my paint to give an added effect. (I wanted my new room to look great, not just good!)  I had to paint over a darker colour, so I ended up doing three coats plus the gloss.  I took my time and it took 5 days by the time it was all said and done!  I’m happy with how it looks and that I was able to start and stop at my leisure.  I am wondering if I should stop there, or keep going?  I mean, wall murals are a lot of fun, and if you watch those home shows, they have a lot of neat and innovative ideas.  Whatever the case will be with painting, other than a couple pieces of furniture, my room will be not only usable but aesthetically functional 🙂  Again, sorry for the quality of my picture – I have no camera since Andres took it with him to Disneyland.  I will update this post with Monday’s with a new picture.  In the meantime, at least this one shows the stripes and colour!

Paint Job

I must say, those of you out there who take on large scale renovations have a lot of motivation!  If painting is such a big job (and not a hard one at that, just time consuming) where do people find the time to reno kitchens, bathrooms and the like?!  Koodos to all of you out there who have taken on a such a project!  I think I’ll stick with painting pictures, thank you very much!  I think my biggest question to all you renovators out there, do you really save all that much money when you do it yourself, even when you take into account how long it takes and the effort involved in fixing / changing what you have taken on?  Or is it that you enjoy reno-ing as much as I enjoy painting?


6 thoughts on “Glossed over

  1. I love that effect! I’ve often considered doing that myself, just never ‘got around to it’! Very nice!!

  2. I love the colour you painted your room! I am planning on painting the upstairs rooms in our place, but was thinking about waiting for the summer. I am still figuring out what colours I should go for.

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