Hurry Up and Wait

It often happens that when I’m in a rush, I’m forced to practise my patience. This is never easy, especially when I’m late for something and am stuck in the Timmy’s drive-through! Ok, honestly, that particular situation hasn’t been my problem as of late; an example that hits closer to my doorstep is wanting to purchase the townhouse Andres and I are currently living in, and how long the paperwork and legal practises seem to be taking. Or, better yet, waiting for my occupation to get easier and more comfortable. Sure, I look forward to the next episode of a good show to come on tv (we have been watching streamed tv, and it is great!) but that’s different – there’s a funny sort of excitement that comes with the waiting for certain things. Like my birthday. Or a vacation.

But lets get back to buying our townhouse. I have found this process to be very frustrating! The feeling of being overwhelmed by the legal language, the signatures, and the time frame in which we’re hoping to have the sale accomplished has left me almost in tears more than once, and I’m not one to give in to emotional outbursts (in my opinion πŸ™‚ ) I am also a person who aims at accomplishing things, and this waiting game has left me with the sense (again, more than once) that I’d rather give up and continue to rent rather than push on with the paperwork. Any of you out there that have felt similarly?

Black and White Blooming

Patience is an interesting quality – I think I will always need more, I’ll never have enough.

I have some friends who have, in the last couple of weeks, have had their patience tried and tested. They have been waiting … and waiting, for their new babies to arrive. I can only imagine that they were also feeling the “hurry up and wait”, as they had no power over when those babies had scheduled their arrivals. I have sympathy for this type of waiting, as it must be much more stressful and exciting all at the same time, waiting for a new bundle of joy, than waiting to own a home. (Both couples have since had healthy births and healthy children)

I went to a baby shower for one of these babies this past weekend and painted a picture as my gift. Andres had a zany idea of focusing on the colour pink, since the baby is a girl, and the final outcome was stunning, if there was a word for it. I think this new idea has a lot of merit, and we may have just found the next evolution in Wobble Art! What do you think?


9 thoughts on “Hurry Up and Wait

  1. Patience is an interesting thing both inside and out- like why do I stress (inside) and what is it I do while I wait (outside)- and very interesting when you think in particular about birth! There are so many things which need to occur to start labour, though we somehow think it is up to us to figure it out and it is actually one of the first real times you need to trust the baby to know when they are ready- starting the long, slow dance of parenthood!
    Anyhow, I love your picture! it is very evocative of birth being spring, new life energing- what a blessing this gift is for your friends! Lucky them!

  2. What a gorgeous painting! I absolutely love the focus and details that really bring out the images!! I might just have to commission one of these for my nephew and his wife, who had a baby girl last fall. The baby room is all in blacks and pinks!! Maybe for her first birthday? Got any ideas for that?

  3. cindy,
    I love the black and white with a hint of colour. Patience with my job is my strength, but patience in any other thing in my life is a real trail. I am learning to wait and trust. I hope all the townhouse thing is finalized soon.

  4. Ohhhhh I love this painting! It is lovley!!!!!!!! I love pink as you know and the cherry blossoms look amazing : ) How perfect for a baby girl born in the spring! How special!


  5. I love your art, Cindy. Did i tell you that before? The colours and the style and… just everything. I’m really looking forward to putting that one up in Sarah’s new room, hopefully tmrw!

    The funny thing with patience and waiting for things to be over is that one day they are and you look back and wonder where it went… i just ran across my last pre-birth journal entry and realized that one month ago i was still champing at the bit to have this done with. Now she’s almost 3 weeks old and already growing out of her newborn-ness into a more awake and more interactive young baby. When you’ve got everything done with the home (and baby), then you may find yourself wondering how it managed to slip by without you noticing.

  6. Cindy!! I love love love this look!! You are a very talented and beautiful person and it was great to catch up with you this past weekend!!!

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