Wobble Contestant

Me at 30 weeks

I decided it was finally time for a picture of me, since I’m becoming more like a Wobble in my shape and demeanor every day 🙂

I certainly don’t want this to become a “pregnancy blog” as it’s an art blog more than anything else, but my shape,  size, and state of mind are certainly beginning to inspire some of my artwork.  (As you’ve probably already noticed!) I wanted to paint a small picture of a blue wobble in front of a green background for comparison but didn’t get around to it as this week has been a busy one for me.  I did however, get a chance to update my Etsy shop, so take a look if you haven’t already.  Most of the new pieces are from my Williams Lake Exhibition this past September titled “A Touch Of Colour”  It was my first show ever, and also my first indication that people beyond my family enjoyed my art, and might even want to purchase it.  Some of that time and energy I employed in order to have my exhibition I am hoping can re-appear during my maternity leave, as I would love to be able to use some of my time painting.  Now, I know all those parents out there have tons of advice about how it’s going to be, and how I’ll feel, etc etc, and I respect all those opinions, this is just a dream I have that I’m putting out there.  If I even get to paint a little bit, that will be great!  And if my new child takes up all my time, then I’ll be just as content (the blog will just have to be on the backburner for awhile!)  In terms of exhibitions, keep me in mind, as there is another potential opportunity out there that I’m pursuing.  I’ll let you know more as I do; keep your fingers crossed!


7 thoughts on “Wobble Contestant

  1. You look wonderful! I pray for you that you will find motherhood all the joy it is meant to be, that it will bring you so many rewards and such excitement- and of course, that the baby’s grandparents will not go too overboard, hahhaha! No advise here whatsoever- but I am a doula and childbirth educator and birth is becoming who I am, so if you are curious about anything, let me know!! And as you near your time, remember, waiting is not static but dynamic- so many things to prepare in your body, heart, mind and spirit!! Blessings in abundance!

  2. You look so cute! It’s really strange for me to see you pregnant (in a good way) I haven’t seen the changes so it’s like wow! And only 10 weeks to go, that’s crazy!

  3. Thanks for posting the picture! I love pregnancy pics 🙂 Don’t worry, you’ll have time to paint when baby comes. Maybe not right away, but it’ll happen.

  4. Good Morning Dear Lady
    Ohhhhh Cindy you look amazing!!! I am so very excited for you Honey. This dear little baby is a blessing already, he/she has put a glint in your eye. I remember you as a little girl (wasn’t around when you were a baby)… a darling sweet loveable little girl and to see you now as a Mom to be is so exciting and a reminder of the love God has for us all. He has blessed you as a “gift wrapping”. You hold within you a little gift from heaven. You guys will be wonderful parents!!! Cindy the balance of painting, baby, hubby and well life takes time to figure out, but know what? You do. Your art comes from your heart so you will find time as you find the balance. This little one will grow up with your art so he/she will be part of the creation. I am proud of your art work Cindy.

    Well I won’t write a book, just wanted to let you know that you look beautiful and that I can’t wait to meet this wee one and pour tons of love and kisses all over. 🙂

    Love you Honey
    Jackie & Darwin

  5. You’re in the homestretch. Yay! You are a cute wobble, indeed. The only advice on the top of my head is this: listen to all of it and then forget half of it… which half is entirely up to you because you never know which pieces you’ll need. 🙂 Oh, and keep taking pictures. So much changes so fast that its nice to have those fun moments captured for later enjoyment.

  6. Luckily I’ve gotten to see you in the different stages. I think you’re doing awesome, look gorgeous, and will be the loving mom that God intended you to be. I love the color of your shirt and the baby’s room – of course I love all the WOBBLES too 🙂

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