Coffee House

This past weekend some good friends of ours had a house-warming party to celebrate buying and moving in to their first home. Andres and I figured this would be a good opportunity to try our Black and White wobbles in a different, yet exciting theme. It is SOOO fun to think up new ideas! We had plenty in no time, and there’s one idea we have yet to try involves the longer canvases I like to use, and wobbles bringing furniture into their new home. Black and white of course, with the furniture being the splashes of colour. Anyways, I’m getting off topic. Since our friends also bought a townhouse, we thought it would be fun to put the colour “pop” in the house itself, so it would stand out from the other houses in the painting. These people are so friendly; I know that their new place will definitely be a place full of energy and life, so colouring their house seemed very appropriate. I also love having people over; my own family is known for how much coffee* they can consume while with friends (they drink a lot, but they visit more!) Conversations over coffee just seem to go together to me, it doesn’t seem right to have one without the other. One of my friends and I used to go to Tim Hortons, pick up a small French Vanilla and two tim-bits and we’d sit there for probably, 2 hours? and just visit. It was the best. Even earlier on, another friend and IĀ  spent a lot of time in my family’s hottub (with water bottles most of the time!) for hours discussing our futures and where we wanted to go, and what we thought our lives might look like.

Welcome Home

I have talked about choosing colours before and how it can be challenging, so think of the difficulties in trying to figure out just where the right colours will be put (especially amongst black and white) in order to look their best. Andres and I made about 4 different colour swatches before it looked right. Imaging a Green house, or rather than bright and bold, pastel colours. The other ideas looked good, but not “it”. If you notice in the picture, we ended up trying to match complementary colours whenever possible in order for the colours to juxtapose each other’s beauty equally. I think we came out successful! This house would be a great place to have a coffee and visit don’t you think?!

*In saying coffee I mean any drink, hot or cold, from anywhere, your kitchen or otherwise. My drink of choice lately has been tea (needs to be orange pekoe) with milk and a half spoonful of sugar šŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Coffee House

  1. Really awesome, Cindy! I like how the colour adds more contrast to everything; plus the white tree in the foreground is cool. I’d definitely consider it a good place for tea.

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