This upcoming weekend my hubby and I with my brother are heading west to Victoria for a relaxing visit with some very close friends.  I haven’t seen them since Christmas and it seems too long between coffees.  However, I am just as excited about the ride there and back as I am with the visiting in-between.  What you say?  You like travel time?!  No no, It’s not that I love the travel time, sometimes I would just like to be there already.  And it’s certainly not the comfortable seats as we’re going to be driving one of our two clunkers.  What I really look forward to is the conversation.  My family has awesome visits while in a car, it doesn’t matter where we go or how long it takes, there is always a good topic to talk about.  And … since there’s nowhere to go ideas often get a really good mull-over – what about this and that – you know.  As a side note, I have heard that the car is a great place to have arguments too, again, because there’s nowhere to run away.  Haven’t personally tried that one yet.  In any case, at the end of a trip, I feel like my relationships have been nurtured and refreshed.  This weekend, as I mentioned earlier, my brother is coming along with us and I can’t wait to get a good visit in with him since it’s been awhile, and I have the added bonus of getting to impart my sisterly wisdom 🙂

I have to add of course, that another perk to cruising is that taking long drives begs the consistent stopping in for beverages, ie. Tim Hortons, or for others it might be Starbucks.  This has been passed down to my from my parents, and I am slowly but surely passing it onto Andres, who now understands that if there is a Tim Hortons on the way, it’s there for a reason 🙂  This philosophy was officially handed down to me one summer when my family took a trip across Canada.  We seriously stopped at EVERY Tim Hortons on the way, and back again.  We have pictures to prove it.  It was a great trip.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a safe and meaningful Easter weekend whether you are staying at home or traveling.  I did do a lot of painting this week and have finished another black and white painting for a baby but I didn’t want to bore you with another one very similar to one I posted about recently.  Not to worry there will be a new and exciting painting up with Monday’s post.  See you then!


2 thoughts on “Cruzin’

  1. Have a great trip! Christian always chuckles while were in the car because I always bring up the deeper subjects and want to discuss everything a get on the same page while we have the time together. His family doesn’t really talk at all in the car silence is preferred so it is a big switch for him but I think he likes it for the most part 🙂 We are around all weekend if are driving through downtown and need a place to stop. We are no Tim Hortons for sure but we do have plenty of tea and coffee and juice on hand 🙂

  2. It was great to see you guys! I’m so glad we were a stop along the way. You look fantastic and ya’ll are going to make wonderful parents 🙂

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