Mr. Blue Sky

Rainy Day

It’s the really enjoyable weekends that always go by so fast!  As you know, I went to visit some friends on the Island for the last couple days and we had coffee, visited, and caught up on life – it was awesome.  But, we almost didn’t make it because of a wind / rain storm combo that tried to prevent us from going the whole day.  The roads were bare, which I’m always thankful for, but the gusts of wind that kept coming up were not only strong, they were unrelenting!  And they continued all the way to the Ferry Terminal in Vancouver.  We had booked the 7pm boat so any visiting along the way had a bit of leeway, especially since I’m bad at good-by’s – I keep on talking, and the conversation generally just moves closer to the door 🙂  When we got there, the schedule was over an hour behind, and we didn’t get on and start the 1 1/2 hour journey until about 8:15pm.  To boot, once we got off at about 10pm, the rain decided to show us how fast it could come down.  We made it to our destination by 10:30pm in order to discover the final kicker – the power was out!  The fire was on and our friends were prepared with candles and flashlights so it was actually quite cozy.

When is the last time you’ve been blessed with a darkened house?  It hasn’t happened to me for quite some time so as disheartening as it was not to have any power, there was actually a funny kind of excitement about it.  It’s very interesting what you can and can NOT do when the power is down.  No computer for example, means you cannot check your email (which I do often 🙂 ) and therefore cuts you off from your blogging and email, or any other sort of electronic entertainment.  Most of the time the oven does not work, which means that food cannot be prepared.  Our friends were very clever in that they had asked for a gas stove to be put in, so warm food was still an option for us.  Betcha didn’t think about the fact though, that generally, the one room in the house that does not have a window is the bathroom, so even though the next morning it was easy to see, using the washroom still required a flashlight.  I couldn’t even finish my hair since my blow-dryer was down for the count. We also had to be careful how often we opened the fridge since we didn’t want any food to go bad because of the lack of refrigeration.

We sure rely on electricity to do stuff!  It doesn’t hit home more than when the power is down and you’re sitting and waiting.  How in the world we wonder, did civilization make it before the invention of the lightbulb and subsequent wondrous inventions to keep us busy?  But I do ask myself at the same time, didn’t we have a good time despite the power being off?  Of course.  And, we didn’t need all sorts of doo-dads and what-zits to keep us entertained.  Good old visiting and board gaming were perfect things to do.  And of course the power came on after a while and we were able to resume some of the normal habits we’re so keen on.

Since we got home late last night there wasn’t time to paint my newest idea so I pulled out one of my favourite paintings.  The way the colours interact with the greys is what I like best – they just pop.  I also like how much fun my wobble seems to be having jumping into a puddle.  Having come from no power, it’s great to appreciate and find enjoyment with simple things, especially once in awhile.  Enjoy your Monday!


3 thoughts on “Mr. Blue Sky

  1. I love your new piece. The buildings in the background are real fun… I like how the wobble guy is in a puddle…. very cute, and artistic!

  2. Hi Cindy,
    Thank you so much for coming to visit and putting up with the lack of power. Thankgoodness for natural gas!!

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