Wobble Art Attraction

I was thinking about all the different sizes of canvas I’ve been working with lately and how each one has worked so well for its intended subject.  The “Coffee House” works nicely on a more square-like size, as does “Cruising“.  The longer sizes are still my favourites mainly because they initiate a more creative composition from my perspective as the artist.  Trying to fit an image on an oblong canvas takes some creativity of depth and perspective – or lack thereof – which is stylistically challenging in and of itself!  Colour is another challenge as I’ve mentioned in the past, (do you lighten your colour as you get farther away or keep everything bright and vibrant?).  And finally one needs to consider the position of objects.  How do you keep the viewer’s eye moving around the canvas to keep it interesting?  It’s a fun puzzle that every painting provides.  Different sizes work better in different spaces too.  I find on a large wall, generally a bigger canvas or more than one little one looks best, where as a small canvas or one longer one fits really nicely on a smaller wall.  Small on big usually really emphasizes the tininess or largeness of a painting. I didn’t really realize this myself until last September (09) when we were setting up for my Williams Lake exhibition, and my mom, dad, Andres, the gallery owner and myself were all trying to get a sense of where each painting looked best (mainly based on its size or if it had a partner it was being hung up with)  Some of my smaller ones looked dwarfed on the larger walls, but gained a real “sense of self” in a more intimate setting.

Sweet set of Magnets

Anyways, back to the present!  I was poking around my canvas stash and realized to my delight that I still had some miniatures hanging around.  These guys are the perfect size to become magnets, a puzzle of sorts, or some fun, decorative items to put around the house.  (Did you know as a side-note that in Europe, there are tons and tons of miniature paintings that have become quite famous?!)  I thought they would be a great place to paint my logo (which I have to admit turned out pretty cute!)  And what a great size to try out just about every fun idea that comes to mind!  I love summer themes, so a Wobble reading contentedly under a tree in the warm summer sun sounded just about right.  This is the sort of art that is perfect for an ART AUCTION GIVE AWAY! As before, the same rules to enter apply: every person who comments this week will be entered into a draw and I will post the winner next Monday.  That gives you all one week to post a comment rather than just a couple of days.  I will then ask for your address and will send your magnets to you.  I am hoping you will be able to assist me with your comments.  Do you think magnets are a good product?  They are generally fast to make and don’t require a lot of financial overhead.  How much might you pay for a set of 3?  5?  Are there any images you think might be fun to try out on a magnet size?  Any suggestions you can give will be very helpful 🙂

Generally I try to post every Monday and Thursday, but this week keep your eyes set on Friday since I should hopefully have some exciting news to share.  See you then!  In the meantime, best of luck with the give away 🙂


14 thoughts on “Wobble Art Attraction

  1. Cindy, I love the magnet idea. In our last house I tried to keep my fridge magnet free, wanting a clean slate look, as it was black. Well, that didn’t last long, because friends would send pictures, and what better place than on my nice black fridge! You asked for a suggestion for prices on the magnets in sets of 3 or 5. I would pay $15 for 3 magnets, $20 for 5.
    Hope you have a wonderful week.
    oh, by the way. I really like the crusin painting!

  2. I’m in!! I think the magnets are a super idea, but it’s hard to say how much I’d be willing to pay. They are, after all, a work of art! I think any price you gave them would be reasonable. As for ideas, I think it would be fun to see your concept of Wobble pets on more of them…they’re so cute!I love how you have made so many of them appropriate for the people who have them! That gives them such life!! Your ideas are always so great! Have a super week!

  3. Its amazing how different art pieces fit in different places. We’ve got a long large wall that we want to use to ‘gallery’ two of Kyler’s big photos. Your pictures are currently waiting to be properly hung on the wall… The colors from your one picture looked good on the neutral colored wall in the suite, but looks so much more vibrant against the wood wall in our living room.

    As far as images, how about something that can be put together (in a row, in a square, etc) a few different ways? Kind of like a puzzle, but one with more than one answer. I think i would use that type of image/magnets more as fridge art rather than for hanging other pictures.

  4. I think magnets are great! Sometimes larger pieces of art are a little out of an art lovers price range (I would know…) and the little magnet sets are a great way to start out and at the same time make the kitchen (or anywhere else, really) a little more beautiful! I agree with Lillie, sets of 3 or 5 for $15 and $20 are a good idea. It makes it very accessible.

  5. Wobble magnets are a great idea! Especially because it opens up your art market to people who wouldn’t want to spend too much money, but would still like something. And magnets have permission to be really fun! I think I agree with Lillie on prices. I don’t know how much time or cost you have to put into them, so obviously that would have to be a factor too. As far as ideas… maybe little baking ones (just a wobble holding a pie or cupcake or something) to suit the kitchen; I like the pets idea too; a little wobble family; or even just ones like your coffee cup (not really wobble, I guess, but it suits the kitchen!). Have fun painting!

  6. I think magnets are a great idea! Many people want to keep their fridge clean looking yet still display children’s art, calendars, etc… With your painted magnets they can do that without having the ugly advertisement or plastic looking magnets and still have the fridge look great. They can also be customized to match the personality of the people inside or even the kitchen. Very cool.

  7. I agree with the above comments – I love the magnet idea! I was just noticing today how my fridge magnets are all looking a little boring 🙂

    Also, my little Monkey loves to play with fridge magnets. A few little canvases that have wobbles or food items or even words, colours, numbers, animals…would be a neat learning tool, sort of like a story board of sorts.

  8. Oh great! I really don’t know about The price… But I think 3 is better than 5. As far as ideas how about a wobble on vacation with palm trees soaking in the sun or in a hammock or taking a photo or on a sailboat. 🙂

  9. I love the magnets for pets, little baking wobbles, and the holiday ideas, including the palm trees and golfing – they are wonderful ideas. I also, like before, think you should do a dish set for plates and mugs! So colorful and creative…keep on being artsy!

  10. Cindy, your wobbles are so amazing! I have enjoyed looking thru your past post and am enchanted by the concepts in each painting. The magnets are a wonderful addition to your collection because it opens your artwork up to more families. I agree that they would be best sold in sets of three for between $15 and $20. Sports, school, hobbies and family activities would make good magnets. Thanks for sharing your amazing gift.

  11. Yay magnets!! hey yes id put those on my fridge!
    how did you come to the conclusion to do wobble art?? cuz i know you have a variety of painting styles…

    my ideas for wobbles..
    1. theme park day (black & white theme with splashes of color)
    2. a day at the farm
    3. A wobble family portrait…maybe not of any particular family but it would be interesting to give them some character to relate to actual people.
    4. Floating down the creek/canal/or river day

    keep at it! you got talent!


  12. Magnets are a great idea. I’ve seen some sold locally by local artists at the store in the mall by Zellers. They are selling for $5 each (business card size). i believe the store is an artist co-op or something like that. i love the idea of a wobble reading a book under a tree…what a perfect way to spend the day 🙂

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