Bigger Cindy = Smaller Paintings (Guest Author this week!)

This is Andres (Cindy’s husband) coming on as a guest author this week!  Cindy was ready for a writing break, and as I am usually stuck doing math most of the day this was a nice opportunity to explore the “artsy” side of life.  Please note, that as I write fairly infrequently, I beg forgiveness when it comes to spelling or grammatical errors (for example I tend to overuse commas and brackets).

So, it’s interesting to note, that as Cindy has been getting bigger, her paintings have been getting smaller.  I’m not sure if this is purely coincidental or if it has something to do with the fact that she is carrying around an ever-growing baby inside of her which I’ve observed to be rather energy-sapping.  All I can say is that if this keeps up, all she’ll be painting in a month or two is nails or maybe postage stamps if we’re lucky!  Anyways, I digress…

With Art in the Park happening on July 1st, we’ve felt a strong need to produce some works that are more affordable.  This has lead us to explore the idea of magnet-art.  There was a lot of positive feedback when this idea was first discussed, so we went ahead and bought 50 more mico-canvases.  It’s hard to think about what ideas will work on a smaller stage, but after some discussion and experimentation, Cindy came up with 3 that she was happy with, and gave them a go this week.

There is an interesting Coastal theme to the ones created so far.  I’m not sure exactly how that happened, but it allows one to make lots of things happen with very little space.  We’re still experimenting with what other ideas will translate well to a 2×2 inch surface, but for now I think these are winners.  If anyone is interested in my own contributions to art projects, I’m usually the ideas man and sometimes get to help with colour selection. (Don’t worry I’m never allowed to touch her paint brushes – she won’t even let me clean them!)

The Coastal Collection

The question that we’re still struggling with is how to bundle the magnets if we’re selling them in sets of 3.  Should we pre-bundle them, or should we allow people to choose the 3 that they want?  If so, could they grab all 3 of the same, or does it need to be 3 different?  It’s a tricky bit of business trying to decide what would work best.  Anyways, any thoughts or ideas would be welcome.  Signing off, and don’t worry, Cindy will be back on Monday.


8 thoughts on “Bigger Cindy = Smaller Paintings (Guest Author this week!)

  1. Greetings! Love the magnets – a great idea! I think they will be a hit at Art in the Park. Perhaps you should consider an individual price but a special price for 3. And by the way… I think I would call this entry “Bigger Bunny = Smaller Paintings”.

  2. I think you could have some bundled in sets of 3 and others that people can choose from individually. That way people could assemble their own set if they want three of the same… some people may like a style so much they want to buy the same one for their family and friends.

    The 3 could be “bundled” on something magnetic… a piece of scrap metal? Hmmm… maybe check out a scrapyard for cheap and reusable metal. The piece of metal could then be hung or placed on your display.

    Sounds fun!

    Thanks for the post Andres and tell Cindy to rest as much as possible. We’re praying for you guys.

  3. The magnets look great. Love the deserted island one! I agree with Beverly, people may want to buy just one, but it’s great to have the option of buy more pay less.
    You did a good job writing Andres.

  4. I agree with Beverly too. I prefer to be able to pick the ones I want, and if there is a deal to buy more I usually do! Love your paintng Cindy!

  5. I agree with the general population! I would probably purchase 3 but would like to chose the 3 that I love, that way I could purchase all 3 for myself or if in a giving mood 3 for a different 3 people in my life!

  6. I agree with Beverly – 🙂
    Love the magnets and think they will be great at Art in the Park – see you there!!!

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