Treasure in the Rough

I’m back!  And feeling refreshed 🙂  Although I must say what Andres said about the size of paintings that I’m accomplishing is rather true – I had to push myself to really get a “bigger” canvas done for today, but it was done.  We found a bit of time since Andres’s birthday was this past Sunday and he bought himself a present; a new video game.  We’ve both enjoyed nintendo over the years but as of late, it hasn’t been able to entice us nearly as effectively in terms of interest or time.  We are finding that there are so many more things we could do that are either more fun, or more pressing at the moment. I guess that’s all part of “growing up”!  In any case, Andres has had this game on his radar for some time and felt that he wanted to give it a try.  So Sunday evening he played for a couple of hours, which gave me some painting time.  My painting is an off-shoot of sorts of another one I did last year, called “The Shopping Bags”.

The Shopping Bags

I wanted my wobble to carry some shopping bags and skip happily over the sidewalk after having found a great deal. (Because I personally LOVE when this happens to me!)   It was also a partner for my Rainy Day painting.  Anyways, “The Shopping Bags” painting gave me a lot of grief with colours – I just could not get them right for the life of me.  Andres and I puzzled over it for awhile, and I brought it over to my parents and my mom and I thought about it for some time too.  I think it sat in the corner of her house for about 2-3 months before she said to me, “I think your colours choices are good, but just too dull; they need to be more vibrant.”  By this time I had no interest in the painting whatsoever – in my opinion it was a failed attempt.  However, since I had an art show coming up and all it really needed was a bit of tweaking I buried my feelings and got to work.  The result was phenomenal, and “The Shopping Bags” turned out to be one of my favourite paintings in my show.  I guess a little bit of a lesson in perseverance!

So, back to my current piece.  This past weekend was my first garage sale Saturday.  It was so much fun!  I love a great deal, and although there weren’t many good deals to be had, Andres and I got lucky a couple of times.  Sidenote, I have to vent quickly about the number of bad garage sales out there!  I have gone garage sale-ing for many years, and I must say that small towns host the best in my opinion.  My rationale for this is that the town does not have a larger second hand store, so people don’t throw out or go through their treasures nearly as often, thus, when they do, they have an amazing assortment of stuff to sell.  In larger cities like Vancouver, I don’t even think people do garage sales (or at least in the time I lived there, I never really saw much) since there are so many second hand stores that people are scoping out for the good finds.  In a city like Kamloops, or Prince George, I think it can be hit or miss.   Anyways, there were people out there, with ONE table, that had about 20 items, and they were calling that a garage sale!  From what Andres and I saw, most of those 20 items were purely junk (and I know you’re going to say that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, so maybe it just wasn’t for us, but still!) * And by the way, if you’re reading this and this is how you do your garage sales, please enlighten me by letting me know that you sell all your stuff!  I would surely eat my words 🙂

Shop Til you Drop

Wow, long sidenote!  Ok, so going back to “The Shopping Bags” and garage sale-ing, I felt like I had an opportunity to try another piece, similar, but different.  And I think I came out successful.  What is your opinion?  And by the way, are you a garage saler?  Have you found any great finds lately?  Do tell!  (I can’t wait till next Saturday!)


4 thoughts on “Treasure in the Rough

    1. Your post was actually what made me look into garage sale-ing this past weekend – I remembered all the fun we had last summer 🙂 I think PG garage sale-ing is way better than Kamloops though.

  1. I love garage sale shopping, it’s like a treasure hunt! I remember when I worked Tuesday – Saturday for Royal Bank I always felt ripped off that I could not get up, have french toast and go garage sale shopping because I had to go to work every Saturday morning. :o)

  2. I love it and certainly agree – the smaller towns are so much better for garage sale-ing than the bigger centres (I think because they have more second hand shops!)
    What an adorable pic!

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