Perogies and Pregnancy

So, yesterday was a pretty exciting Perogy day! (I didn’t want to be called any funny name like “preggers” or “prego” so my mom called me a perogy once but I’m happy to announce it didn’t stick 🙂 )  My mother and father in-law recently bought Andres and I our crib and we set it up yesterday.  We had bought the bedding we wanted earlier on but along but had had just left it in the baby room along with some other stuff people have given us or things we had bought.  Along with building the crib, we finally took stock of what we have so we will know what else to buy.  Can you believe that it’s really only 5 more weeks and I’m due?  Here is an updated picture of what I look like now at 35 weeks.

I don’t think I look a lot larger than I did at 30, but you can make your own decision!  It’s amazing that it’s gone by so fast.  I count myself as having had a very easy pregnancy much of the time and I tend to forget that I’m pregnant besides the fact that my stomach has grown.  Anyways, our baby room is finally starting to look “babyish”!  It is harder than I thought it would be to prepare for a little person when I don’t know the sex.  I’m still very happy we decided to keep it a secret, but some things sure would be easier if we knew.

I am finishing work in just under two weeks and am then starting my maternity leave.  I would probably have worked a bit longer but I do have a somewhat lengthy drive back and forth, and my doctor decided it might be safer to finish a little earlier than later.

People are starting to ask me if I’m getting “excited” and I feel like that is such a loaded question!  What do you mean by excited?  No, I’m not excited about labour and all the pain I am expecting to feel.  Yes, I’m starting to get excited at the thought of being a parent for the first time and all my musings about what sort of parent I’ll be are beginning to feel more real than just thoughts and ideas.  I get the sense sometimes that people just expect a yes answer but I don’t think you can answer that easily!  That’s all on pregnancy for now!


8 thoughts on “Perogies and Pregnancy

  1. Oh my goodness, you look fantastic! I can’t believe how quickly time has flown. These last weeks will either fly by too or they will drag. It all depends on your level of patience, since I posses absolutely no patience at all, I started praying that the baby would show up NOW when I was about at your stage. God, however kept saying “Wait” to which I replied “Pft!” ahem.

    Anyways, it is hard to prepare when you don’t know the sex but once your sweetheart arrives you’ll love, love shopping for him/her. There is something so awesome about knowing the little person you’re shopping for. And, if you have a girl, do I ever have clothes for you!

  2. Hey Cindy! You look great! I can’t believe it’s only 5 more weeks! And believe me… they are over before you know it 🙂 We’ll pray for a smooth delivery. And remember that as soon as the pain is over you can’t really remember how much it hurt… You can do it!!
    Our little girl is 3.5 months old already. Time has gone by SO fast! It’s so wonderful to be a parent! Rosalynn is really interactive now, she laughs constantly and she’s babbling all the time, it’s quite funny.
    I hope we get to meet your little one soon!!

  3. When I was pregnant I never knew how to answer that “excited” question either… Yes, I looked forward to meeting our child but the not going the first few weeks of adjustment (the thought of labour was less scary the second time around).

    I agree with the above comments. You are radiant 😀 The last few week will probably feel long especially if you go overdue, but if you get to that point I can offer some fun suggestions for passing the time.

  4. Hi Cindy,
    I know what you mean about the excited comment and yet I asked it of you. I am thinking it is sort of like when people asked if I am enjoying my new house – I am not sure how I was to be enjoying it. Sometimes I think people ask because they are so excited for you and they themselves can’t wait to meet the little one I still think you are having a boy :0).

    The nursery looks great!

  5. The baby’s crib is so beautiful. I wish I had that nice of a bed! I hope your last two weeks of work goes by quickly enough, and then you have some time to just chill out and enjoy being at home. The painting in the baby’s room is perfect too.

    Are you starting a pool about due date and whether you are having a boy or a girl? Let me know so that I can give you my two cents.

  6. Birthing is the joy of motherhood- that passage from maiden to motherhood that enjoins you with all those who have gone on before! I hope you can find the amazement, the wonder of it and put any fear behind you- it will be a time like no other!! Blessings in the wonder of it all!

  7. I think you look fantastic – I will be praying for you the whole time – as a mother/daughter – it’s a little scary for me – but I know you will do just fine…it’s probably me that won’t – haha.
    Love your mom

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