Moving “Fore”ward

Hehe, Andres came up with that name, I’m by no means a golfer nor do I claim any understanding of the game beyond taking out the flag when you get the ball in the hole.

It’s good to be back – I feel like I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus this past week.  My pregnancy post ended up being my Thursday post, and by Friday, I was ready for a weekend.  Andres and I went garage sale-ing again, and found some more great stuff, including a Tigger outfit for a 6 month old – so cute!  (and we couldn’t pass it up considering it was $1.00!)

I wanted to continue with the stash of magnets I bought a while back and in particular, with some of the ideas you gave me.  My brother thought it would be cool if I would do a golfing magnet, and another friend had the idea of using the magnets as a puzzle that could go in different orders and still work as a set.  These two ideas seemed to fit together and the result is a set of four magnets rather than three.

Can you tell what order they are supposed to be in?  I was hoping they would work on any level, but I did paint them with a specific order in mind.

It’s always interesting to see what kind of dilemmas come up with seemingly easy projects.  My opinion of this “Art in the Park” day was that I would paint and hopefully sell some paintings.  Since then, I have begun to think about other aspects of the day that I will have to make sure I don’t forget about.  For example:  Usually Kamloops is REALLY hot during the summer, and if I have a table out there, I’ll have to have some sort of covering to protect not only my work, but me and my helpers from getting sunburned.  Water will also be a necessity while we’re out there.  How I am going to hang my work is another important aspect of the day, as I will want to have the paintings hung, not just sitting on the table (hanging makes for more stuff to be visible) My most recent victory in terms of trying out new things has been how to hang my magnets so they are strong enough to use on a fridge or other magnetic spot.  I thought at first that it would look good if I had magnetic strips on each corner of the canvas but that proved to be a bad idea.  Andres advised me to use strips because then the magnetic field of the strip is less disturbed and lends a stronger pull.  This worked much better than my original idea and we have successfully solved the problem.  Who knows what else will come up before July 1st – my last day of work is this Friday and then hopefully I’ll have more time to paint and prepare.  Any ideas on other things to think about regarding Art in the Park?  All ideas are helpful!


2 thoughts on “Moving “Fore”ward

  1. Do you have the link to your etsy shop on your business cards? People who meet you will want to see your work later, and if they’re like me they shop in the middle of the night when the kids have already woken them up and they can’t sleep.

    If you’re planning on selling your pieces I recommend either creating your own invoices or buying a receipt book (I personally perfer the invoices) so that you’ve got receipts. As well as cash etc. for purchases. I’m not sure how you’re planning on doing that. You also may want to hand out a coupon 10% off on all orders purchased on this day or from a specified date later. Or a certain amount off for custom orders. Even if it’s a small amount, anytime someone feels they are saving money they are more apt to make a purchase.

    Good luck, sorry it’s so long. I love business!

  2. I like the golfer magnets! What about a puppy playing?

    A few things come to mind: You’ll want somewhere comfy for you to sit with baby, as well as a couple seats for helpers. Make sure that you’ve got enough helpers to cover each others’ breaks. It might be nice to have something to fan yourself with if there is no breeze whatsoever. It might also be nice to take a cooler to keep the water, and lunch/snacks, cool in through the day.

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