Well, as I said on Tuesday, there has been a facelift happening over at our house.  It’s pretty exciting, and I can hardly wait until it’s all done.  I have wanted to paint our bedroom since we moved in and it’s finally happening.  I have had lots of help so far – Andres has been great; he knows how much I’ve wanted to do this project and has happily helped me with a couple of the coats ( I have also done some solo while he’s working)  I also have a good friend who offered to come over to help with a coat or two, which was so great!  We visited the afternoon away – the painting was a sidenote 🙂  Why change the colour?  Well, the purple was just too dark for me.


Funny story, I actually helped paint that purple colour when my sister lived in the townhouse a couple years back.  I was living in Vancouver, and she was working on her business degree at TRU.  She wanted to add a bit of jazz to the room and we had a fun weekend of painting.  Little did I know that I would be living in the same place a few years down the road!  Dark paint is a pain to cover over.  The nursury took three coats to go over a deep brown to the bright green it is now, and I expected no less from this room too.  However, I was told that dark colours would actually help in the case of our red accent wall.  I hope this is true, as I have another friend whose family tried to paint a wall a deep blue, and because there was white underneath, it took them seven coats I think in order for the colour to really become vibrant.  Yikes!  Apparently, the best primer for a bright colour like a deep brilliant blue or a bright red is actually grey.  Go figure!


Painting walls is so much different than painting canvases 🙂  Anyways, we’ve been busy for the past couple days and here is the progression from start to almost – finished.  Add some new blinds and funky curtains, our bed complete with new bedspread (which actually inspired the red wall) and some decor and we’ll be done!  What do you think of my red wall?!  We’ve put two coats on so far, and it’s not looking too bad – I’m hoping that 4 coats will do the trick but I’m not sure.  I’ll post again when it’s all done!  Happy Thursday.


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