So, here it is, my finished space.  I have designed in my mind “the perfect bedroom” (for myself) since I was a young girl, and for me I have to say that this comes pretty close!  I am in love with the colours and the fact that the paint matches the bedspread.  The picture of the lighthouse is from Newfoundland, my dad’s old stomping grounds, which makes it special, and the colours happened to fit so well!  We didn’t plan this!  There is another picture from Andres’ side of the family that we have yet to put up, and it also matches the colours we chose quite nicely.  What a sigh of relief to have this finished!  It always feels great to start a project, but it feels even better when it’s done.  Enjoy the photos!


2 thoughts on “Retreat

  1. Well Done – it looks peaceful! 🙂 Relax and enjoy the bedroom…the lighthouse does go very well. I can’t wait to see it.

  2. Nice! Makes me want to repaint our bedroom. Jeremie isn’t convinced that we “need” to though. I guess I’ll keep working on it 🙂

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