Summer Fun

I’ve been continuing to think about what I want to paint for the Art in the Park and my Seasons series has never been far from my mind.  I painted a lot of series back in university when the primary function of the series was to allow for more “process” space rather than the actual “product” painted.  Lets just say that process isn’t always my deal.  Sure, I like to think about the images I’m planning on and I have at times documented my process in different forms.  But, I like painting for the final product – what I’ve accomplished, and how the image makes people feel (which I hope is positive!) when the picture is done.  WHAT I’m representing WHILE I’m painting, or WHAT my process is a metaphor for, generally doesn’t make a difference to me.  I’m not trying to have you find something “in between the lines” of my work – my work is my work, at face value, and I’m just an artist who enjoys art.  If you like my work because it’s colourful or cheerful, then I feel that I have succeeded.  (I mean, if you find that viewing my work makes you feel like that red wobble is relating to you because you wore that red shirt the day you were at the beach and that was the day that … and that made you feel … and that’s why you’re who you are today etc, that’s great too, but it’s not what I’m going for!)  Anyways, because of all the pressure to have a process behind the product of my work in university, I turned away from series for quite a while.  My Seasons series I think is probably one of the first sets I’ve done since that I’ve enjoyed painting.  I think it’s because I painted what I think of when I think of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  Sometimes, ideas and colours just pop, and I find that each season colour palette fit perfectly shall I say? with the image.

Summer Swingset

I think in terms of thinking of an image to paint, the summer one was the hardest just because there are so many fun activities one can do in the summer.  The swing fit on the canvas size really well, but I had plenty of other ideas.  What sort of activities do you like to do during the summer months?  Let me know – I might have to do a Summer Series!  I already have my Autumn painting on my Welcome page and I rang in the spring season with the Spring canvas – I’m hoping to have the winter one finished for Monday so you can see the set together.  In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying the great weather!


4 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. Looks great Cindy! In the summer I love to walk on the beach with my feet in the river or go swimming in nearby lakes.

  2. That’s a fun painting! Summer fun has stuff like hiking beside a little waterfall that is especially nice and mostly people-free. Its also stuff like kayaking up in the Park where we can look at the gorgeous mountain scenery and stopping to watch bears grazing beside the road.

    We’re enjoying the sun, as it peaks out from the clouds. I’ve been taking Sarah outside to sit on a quilt and enjoy the trees and blue sky.

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