Tis’ The Season …

Monday has come quickly and somewhat without warning … Andres and I have been busy cleaning and prepping our house for the painters who came today and started up with the trim.  Amazing how much work it is to prepare, and on the other side, amazing how good a nice trim can make the place look!  Needless to say, amongst all the clean-up, painting did not happen this week, but I do have a picture of the Seasons Series from a previous set I painted so you still get a picture!

Seasons Series

On another note, this week is my 40th week of pregnancy! (Wow) And Andres and I are wondering when our little one is going to make his or her appearance into the world.  Any guesses on the size / gender / day when our baby is going to decide to make the dramatic entrance?  Post your guesses as comments – I’m always curious when others make guesses.  In fact, why not turn this into a contest!  Because I love contests 🙂  If you do make a guess, include the day and gender (no repeats allowed!).  If anyone nails it they will be receiving a surprise canvas (just don’t expect it right away!).  Andres and I have both had our own ideas (which were early guesses due to some “signs”) and we’re both now waiting with baited breath.  It still could be up to two weeks away, but it could be right after I publish this post!  We’re secretly hoping it at least waits until the painting is all finished 🙂  The next post or two will probably be related to pregnancy in some way, so please don’t be surprised!  Once our little one is born we will post some pictures on the blog. (not anywhere else)  In the meantime, I am still endeavouring to paint whenever possible and hopefully will have a new canvas up for Thursday.  I hope you have all had a great Monday (hopefully free to do what ever you wanted!) and I’ll be up with a new post Thursday if not before!


13 thoughts on “Tis’ The Season …

  1. Hi Cind,
    I love guessing what baby people are going to have and I must say that I usually have a high success rate. My guess is:
    June 2, 2010
    6lbs 3oz

    I can hardly wait.

  2. We haven’t seen you guys in a while, so the size will be a total guess.

    Girl / May 27 / 7 lb.

    Hope everything goes well. We’re half way through it too… (Bianca is on her 20th week now).

  3. Hi Cindy!
    We are so excited for you to be so close. I remember these last weeks seeming to take forever and yet it seemed so imminent! I hope I get to see you before your baby comes, so my guess for date is according to that. And everyone I know lately has had a girl so I figure that should increase your chances of having a boy (along with the fact that I already bought you a cute little sundress, which increases your chances of a boy also I think). So I will say a boy on May 29, 7 lb 5 oz. I am hoping you have a girl though so that maybe ours will play together someday :-). Hope you are still feeling good!

  4. Jeremie and I guess:

    May 31, 2010
    7 lbs 12oz

    We’re praying that you have a wonderful (yes wonderful!), safe and healthy delivery 🙂

  5. From a mother who is a little anxious!
    7 lb, 5 oz girl…just like you were. 🙂
    Waiting with anticipation…

  6. Cindy, I love the season paintings. they are wonderful

    I really have no idea or feeling of what gender your baby will be…. Jeremy guessed Girl, born April 30 for Jamie and Erin, ( which is my birthday) and he was right!! so I’m going to go with
    boy. 7lb 8 oz, born Saturday, June 5th as that is Jeremy’s Birthday!


  7. I was so sure that Erin was having a boy, and then she didn’t. I am feeling like you will have a girl, so I guess I better guess the opposite. I’m going to guess boy, born June 7th, 8lb 1 oz.

  8. Hi-Blessings on your arrival whenever it happens- you will do just great! So, a girl on May 30, 7 lb 12 oz…who knows?? Whatever, you will be full of joy!

  9. I hope that all goes well with the delivery Cindy! All the best…
    My guess is June 1st / boy / somewhere between 5 – 7 oz

  10. Boy o boy 😉 June 3, 7lb 7oz … either way, I am so excited for you both. And enjoy the newborn days. They go very quickly!

  11. Is it too late to guess? Maybe you’ve already had the baby and I just don’t know yet! Well, I guess boy, 8 lbs 2 oz, June 7.

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