House Plans

Andres had a day off today so we had the opportunity to finish moving everything around in our house.  The fact that our place has been turned upside down the past week has had me pretty nervous to say the least – what if something had happened earlier?  Where would we be?  Anyways, all that aside, the painters have finished, and our place is back in order!  And I have a new favourite room – our laundry room 🙂

For those of you who have been in our house, this room is teeny-tiny.  But with a coat of bright yellow, and a large shelving unit taken down, it is now a cute little niche that I think I’ll be spending a lot of time in!  We bought a new sofa-bed for my parents to sleep on while they stay with us, and they have front row seats to our tv now!  (Rent is going to be high you two! )  It has turned into such a “happy” room I’m just pleased as punch.  The other rooms are great too, and with our tv out of the living room, our space for visiting, board gaming, and painting feels like it has tripled.  It really has turned into “our house” now, rather than a place we bought.  This has been so much at the forefront of our week that I wanted to share with you the pictures of our finished place.  I have not forgone painting – I have kept up with it, and there will be a special post tomorrow with my newest painting, and believe me, it’s romantically sweet!  I found a doodle with my idea for this painting on a scrap sheet of paper (in order to feel productive while the painting was happening Andres and I did a lot of purging as well) that I drew probably about two years ago, but never tried it out.  I’ll keep the rest of the story for tomorrow’s post.  In the meantime, I hope you can enjoy the pictures of our new place!


4 thoughts on “House Plans

  1. I LOVE your new arrangements! What a great use of space, in both your laundry room and living/dining room. Isn’t it awesome how just a few changes can make such a big difference in the feeling of a room or house? Congrats on your ‘new’ spaces!

  2. Looks great! Must feel better to have it all organized. Now that you’re finished and since you’ve nothing major happening soon 🙂 wanna come do mine?

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