Moonlight Date

As promised, here is the painting that I’ve done for the “Monday” post.  I thought it might be neat to use pictures to help show my process of painting from start to finish.  I’ve wanted to do this before, even perhaps in video format but I have yet to get there.  So, enjoy the pictures and my process!

It all starts out with a doodle on a side sheet of paper.  I’ve had this doodle for some time, and like I said yesterday, found this one in the process of trying to do something useful while the painters were here.  Then, once I decide I like it, I draw it on my canvas and the painting starts.  I try and generally paint from the background forward, but sometimes I break my own rules 🙂

the "background" blue

The first step is sometimes very exciting because you can paint a lot of the canvas fast and it feels like you’re really getting somewhere 🙂


See?  With the mountains painted, it looks like the canvas is really almost done already!

Add some trees
The colour pop

Whenever I add in the wobbles, I love how fast it starts looking “fun” since the colours are so bright 🙂  I have found over and over that I like purple and red wobbles together.

The edging

The edging is the part of the canvas I am always loathe to do because it doesn’t enter into the general image, but it is so professional looking if you paint them rather than leaving them white.  It takes extra time to do, and sometimes I don’t make quite enough paint and it is a pain in the you-know-what if I have to re-mix a colour to finish the edging, especially grey.  It is really amazing how well developed our eyes are – it is so easy to see a difference in colour tones, which makes it very challenging to match colour mixes.

The Stars

Those little details like stars get me excited – I try and hold off on finishing one part or another of a canvas so it gets done all at once.  By the time the stars make their way onto the picture, the final outlining isn’t far behind!

Moonlight Date

And there’s the final piece!  I love outlining – it is my favourite part.  The image that I’ve had in my mind the entire time I’ve been painting starts to be realized.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  I had a lot of fun painting this one.  Have a GREAT Friday (yeah for the weekend!) and I’ll be back with another post on Monday!

P.S.  Have you put in your “Guess” into my current contest?  If you haven’t go here!


3 thoughts on “Moonlight Date

  1. I enjoyed seeing the process Cindy, thanks for sharing it. I love the painting. The moon’s reflection and the stars are beautiful

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