Painting while Waiting

I feel like I’ve been lucky to have these last couple of days to relax a bit and do whatever I feel like.  I wouldn’t say that doing laundry, making banana bread or preparing meals would have otherwise been on top of my list of “to do’s”, but it certainly does sound more like what I would call “nesting” if you ask me 🙂  In any case, Andres and I have also had fun trying out some of the old wives tales that are apparently supposed to help get the baby moving.  We’ve gone on some pretty hefty walks and eaten Chinese food so far.  (funny that my fortune said that something pivotal is going to happen next month!  Does that mean I have to wait until tomorrow?!) We were going to go on for a drive down a bumpy road but I didn’t want to do too much in one day!  There are also concoctions to drink but I think that will be for later on in the week – I’ve heard they’re really nasty.

Anyways, these magnets are the painting I’ve been up to.  They have taken a bit longer than I anticipated, but I really like the finished look!  I guess I’m into “seasons” right now and this is a different version of seasons, using mainly colour, and not wobbles.  Sorry I didn’t post earlier, I was busy making meals for you know when!

Trees in Season


5 thoughts on “Painting while Waiting

  1. Take my word for it, the bumpy road is not worth it! If your body isn’t ready for labour all that happens are some really horrible brackston hicks and a grumpy pregnant lady. Hopefully for you (and your impatient friends) baby’ll be here soon!

  2. Hey Cindy..and Andres.
    Thinking & praying for you guys on the last stretch till baby’s arrival!!!! I had not forgotten the dinner suggestion from a while ago and so we should make plans for some time this summer when things have settled for you. I still am an avid blog reader of yours, you are awesome!
    take care

  3. I really am enjoying the season paintings…. I love change, and enjoy the changes that come with new seasons.

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