Don’t call us, we’ll call you

As I was sitting down to write this post, the song, “Don’t Call us, We’ll call you” by Sugarloaf popped into my mind (thanks Dad for all that music education!)  We have had quite a few calls in the past week from excited friends and family wanting to know how I’m doing / has anything happened yet.  I don’t know if I had realized how many people’s lives this upcoming event is really going to shape in one way or another – it’s a lot!  And I’m thankful that everyone is so excited for us.  Don’t worry we WILL let you know when anything happens!

My newest activities include cooking (my freezer is now stuffed to the brim with tasty meals, thanks to some good friends) and playing some great board games with my hubby, who received his very late birthday gift in the mail the other day.  One of these new games actually deserves honorable mention on my blog, because it’s a game themed around painting a Fresco, and part of the game centers around mixing paint!  I was super impressed 🙂  You start off by going to the market to buy red, blue or yellow “paint” cubes (primary colours) and from there you have to decide whether you want to go

A. to the cathedral to paint a piece of the fresco

B. go and paint a portrait to gain some money (to buy the paint at the market) or

C. go to the mixing station to make purple, green or orange (secondary colours) so you can paint more detailed parts of the fresco on your next turn.

It’s ingenious, and I think I’m in love with the game – it has got to be one of the best themed board games out there 🙂  While we lived in Vancouver and had regular board game Friday nights, we jokingly had something called the “cindometer,” which ranked games according to how much I liked them.  I think this would rank at least an 8/10, if not 9 or even 10/10! (I think there have only been one or maybe two that have ever received the highest ranking so this is pretty significant!)

My painting for today doesn’t really fit with any theme in particular, especially pregnancy or board games.  Rather, it fits more or less with my favourite colours (if I had to choose!)  I absolutely love reds, oranges, and yellows of any hue and I haven’t felt like I”ve painted a lot with these colours lately.  You can move these magnets around a bit and they still fit together!  The stack of 60 magnets is slowly dwindling … 🙂  Happy Thursday evening!

Through the Park


6 thoughts on “Don’t call us, we’ll call you

  1. what a great idea! I love how they are interchangeable!
    The new game sounds fun! I was sad to miss the last games night….. maybe we’ll make it to the next one, and will have a chance to play the new game!

  2. I love those colors too 🙂 And yes – “Don’t call us – we’ll call You” is a great tune by Sugarloaf. Proud of you!

  3. We had a RFTG night last night 🙂 This new game of yours sounds like a lot of fun. What is it called? I’ve been thinking about a new board game for Father’s day.

    1. The game is called Fresco and it’s great! I’ve only played it once, but really enjoyed myself and there are a lot of “expansions” within the game so you have lots of levels to play; Andres said it would be great for playing with people who haven’t played a lot of board games before. And, for us, it won’t get boring for quite a while. Hope you find it interesting too!

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