So much to do, So little time

For those of you who are waiting with baited breath, you will have to keep holding a while longer.  I still don’t know either.

But yeah for painting!  I have been painting here and there over the weekend and have more magnets to show you.  I have officially passed the half-way mark on my magnet stack, and there are quite a few!  I have officially painted 30 as of today and have 18 left 🙂  The pile is starting to look large, and I want to eventually take a picture of all of them on the fridge – I’ll show it to you in a later post.

Summer Activities

Even with all your earlier ideas, I am still having trouble deciding how to paint them all – I have so far been painting 4 of a kind but I’m wondering if it would be better to just paint more of one image rather than having more images but less of each magnet.  Art in the Park is getting closer and closer!  There is less than a month left and I still have a stack of canvases ready and waiting to get painted!  I have ordered some business cards (I thought long and hard about the magnet idea as a take home but it seemed to put my own magnets to shame! ) and am now in the process of thinking how everything is going to be put in place.  I have three easels to use for display purposes and there will obviously a table where I can display my goods.  I have my place in the park and I think I’m in a good location.

Hopefully there will be more “news” by Thursday – keep checking!


3 thoughts on “So much to do, So little time

  1. Cindy – I’ve been checking your blog regularly wondering about that baby! Your magnets look beautiful, I especially like the picnic one. Thinking of you ALL the time!!

  2. I like the picnic magnet. Picnics are so much fun! I’m hoping that our weather will clear up so that I can take Monkey on a much needed picnic outing.

  3. I finally read your blog, Cindy. And checked out more of your art – you should illustrate for kids books! Love you, and congrats!!

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