The Signature Piece

My very first painting show was in Williams Lake last September, ’09.  I was nervous, scared, and dubious that I would sell anything at all.  I didn’t even know if anyone would come!  The Gallery owner did a fabulous job of marketing the one night exhibition and we figure that about 200 or so people attended.  Even more, I sold 23 pieces.  It was an incredible evening.  One of the last pictures I painted was at the suggestion of the Gallery owner; a very large self portrait in my wobble style.  I had a large canvas from my university studio days that I decided to paint over.  The result?  A colour burst.

Wobble Self Portrait

I had so many comments on this painting that it became a “signature piece” of sorts.  I had changed the colours from realistic to abstract (notice the red tree, yellow leaves, purple grass and green sky) mainly because most of my images are so vibrant, I wanted the colours to draw peoples eyes to look at it.  We also placed the canvas in a prominent spot in the gallery to draw a lot of attention to it.  It was one of the first paintings you saw when you walked in.

At the same time, I had an actual signature piece set up at the front of the gallery too – a blank canvas that people could paint their signatures on; a guest book of sorts.  It is a special memento from that evening and something I look forward to putting up in a studio one day.  For now it is tucked away in a closet and I take it out every once in awhile to have a peek 🙂

For Art in the Park this year, Andres and I wanted to have another actual signature piece; of course my Self Portrait will be there and hopefully draw people to our tent to have a look, but once they are in there, what special item would we have?  We just had our light bulb idea this afternoon while thinking about this post and what to write 🙂  Again, I couldn’t spoil the fun for those of you who live in Kamloops and will be coming to Riverside Park for the Canada Day events, so those of you who aren’t able to come will have to wait for pictures on Friday (since Thursday is Canada Day and we’ll be busy) Our signature piece for Art in the Park involves painting, so please come out and give your art skills a try!

Have a great week and I’ll post pictures of our event Friday 🙂


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