Happy Canada Day!

My Canada Day expectations were blown out of the water!  We had a GREAT day yesterday; there was good weather, lots of help, (so appreciated! – thank-you!) grand parents to watch over a very well behaved baby, friends to visit with (some from a ways away – so good to see you!) and art to sell, not to mention a lot of people around just too see our work.  I don’t think I had really understood the amount of exposure we would receive from this event.  I don’t think I could have asked for a better day.

Andres was there to set up at 7:30 and our tent was in full swing by 9am.  I arrived with Bunny and Grandma Ruberg at 10:30 and couldn’t believe how many people were already there.  Our booth looked like this:

Andres and crew did an amazing job making our space look professional and inviting.  He had definitely thought about everything we would need.  The easels were fantastic for showcasing some of our bigger pieces, and the black foam boards were the perfect backdrop for the paintings and doubled as a wall to give the tent a bit of shape.  We had done a mock up of the main table the night before and knew that everything fit in the space and would be well displayed.  There was just enough room for the portfolio, process board, magnet board, some smaller paintings to be displayed, and our “signature” piece – a community wobble painting!  That’s right – I had drawn a wobble picture and everyone who came to the booth was invited to paint a piece of the picture.  I think it was a big sucess.  I am going to outline it and will post the process and final picture on Monday’s post.  It turned out fantastic; the colours people chose were for the most part very complimentary to the rest of the painting.

We had a great time visiting with everyone who came to our booth and were really happy with all the positive feedback we received on our paintings.  There were a lot of people who commented that our work makes people feel happy.  We sold 6 pieces, all the magnets I had painted, (36) talked to some clientele about possible commissions, and gave out lots of our business cards.  It was a very successful day 🙂  We’re glad we were part of such a big event and would definitely participate in following years.  Would I do anything different?  I would have more magnets, and possibly have a banner with our shop title, Cindy’s Wobble Shop 🙂

If you were not at Art in the Park Kamloops, what did you do for Canada Day 2010?


6 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day!

  1. We were there and we had a blast! There were some wonderful artists, and we were so glad we came. I’m so proud of you, your work and the presentation was lovely. You and Andres make an excellent pair. As well as make excellent babies – she’s beautiful!

    Corey and I have been seriously talking about getting a commissioned painting and yesterday kind of solidified it. We’ll have to have a long chat! Great job!

  2. Cindy, it was so nice to see your work being displayed in such a busy venue. I love your style and your painting. It is very happy, and why wouldn’t it be. Its an excellent reflection of you.

  3. That just looks amazing, Cindy… nevermind about how great you did at the event itself. I don’t blame anyone who saw all the talent you have exhibited.
    Also really like your “how it’s made” poster… Inspiring.

  4. I’m so glad that it went well! We were driving to Edmonton on Canada day and we were surprised by how smoothly it went with our two little ones 🙂

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