Art Exchange

On Thursday I mentioned that I would have Art in the Park’s Signature piece, the Community Art Painting, finished and photographed so everyone could see not only the final product, but also the individual contributions everyone made.  I was really impressed by the artistic license people took to make the painting unique; it seems that people enjoyed giving their art skills a try!  I only fixed a couple of spots here and there, mainly to cover any areas where paint had not been applied.  I tried to do this mostly with the outlining, using a thicker line where needed.

I think the final product looks fantastic!  Thank you everyone for participating in our Community Art Painting; I love the new Signature piece and will cherish it along with my signed canvas guest book.  Whether or not having an art project at our booth helped bring people in or not, I would definitely try and have a project of similar nature if I was to participate in Art in the Park again.

Having a new painting in my home that was not painted by myself makes me think of Artist Trading Cards (ATC’s).  Have you heard of them?  Anyone can make them, and they can be made from any sort of material or media.  They are supposed to be made a very specific size, and generally they are completed in sets, not series necessarily, although you can if you want to.  The goal of ATC’s was for artists to share their work with each other with no prejudice about style, price, or person. (more or less well known)

Anyways, the reason the community painting reminds me of ATC’s is because I think it’s only fair that since I received a painting, that I GIVE a painting away (two paintings in fact)!  It will be an Art Exchange of sorts!  So, here’s the deal: in order to enter the Double Painting Draw you and a friend you introduce to my blog need to leave one comment each (just be sure to mention each others’ name).  You can really comment about anything you like, but I am considering the possibility of selling prints of my work rather than just originals all the time, and would love to hear some feedback on that idea.  I’m torn between creating lots of new paintings (which I love to do) and making my art more affordable.  Please let me know what you think!  The paintings you will be commenting for are below.  I will close off comments in one week (July 12 at Midnight) so you all have lots of time to post your thoughts!  Good luck to everyone and thanks for your insights!

Silver Spoon: Acrylic on Canvas, 8x8"

Orange Cappucino: Acrylic on Canvas, 8x8"


7 thoughts on “Art Exchange

  1. Ok lady, so I love them both but the one on the left is totally my favourite. As for sharing, I’ve done a post about your giveaway so lets see who comments to share a little love!

  2. I read about this on Ashley’s blog, & I agree with here… both your painting are great & I too like the left one the best. I admire your talent! As for selling prints… well, why not? As long as it’s a good reproduction with good colours & good paper… If someone loves a painting but can’t afford it, well they could possibly afford a print… go for it!

  3. Great idea Cindy! I love give aways 🙂 I think having a few prints is not a bad idea. Especially for bigger shows where lots of people are coming through. Also, it lets you stretch out all that hard work you do.

  4. Oh Cindy I love the idea of prints!!! It would make your paintings more accessible to those of us on a smaller budget. That would be wonderful!

    A belated congratulations on your little girl, she looks adorable! I hope the adjustment to motherhood has been going smoothly! 🙂

  5. Hello, Josee tuned me into your blog, and I’ve been just enthralled by your work. I’m not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, but the colours and settings your depict capture many of those little moments in life. Truly original. Please continue to post your paintings and congratulations on your little bundle of joy.

  6. I think prints is a fantastic idea! why not? Not everyone can afford originals…
    Also don’t forget the “little tykes” clothes printing idea.
    From your biggest fan 🙂

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