Plaster Disaster

There have been lots of projects on the go this week, not all of them painting!  Of course I have been trying my best to keep up to a painting per post, and although this entry has been posted a bit later than I had originally hoped, it’s still done!  However, there was another project in particular that I had been meaning to accomplish for quite a while, and this week Andres and I got it done.  The project?  To try and get a plaster imprint of our Baby’s feet.  Easy?  Ha, I thought it would be originally, but as it turns out, holding a baby’s foot still in gel for more than about maybe 5 seconds proves to be quite a challenge.  We had to hold her foot in this gel for one minute.  I think this is actually impossible as those little toes continue to scrunch and loosen due to natural reflexes.  We gave it our best shot and had quite a chuckle watching Bunny’s foot squirm as we tried our best to hold it down.  We tried 5 attempts at different drying times and the last time we got what we called a successful imprint of those little toes.  After searching the internet for different ideas at trying this art project out, we figured that from what we saw, most molds only are done with children that are about one year old!

So what about that painting?  Andres and I had a really fun idea that we could turn fairy tales into Wobbles.  This idea came from me wanting to paint a large castle fairy tale painting for our daughter.  Andres thought it would be a perfect fit if we used one of our long canvases to make a tower.  And what tower fits the fairy tale bill?  ( I guess perhaps there’s more than one …!) Rapunzel!  Or rather Wobpunzel!


What is your favourite fairy tale, (Mine is The Little Mermaid and I’m slowly getting to painting this one – I started with an Underwobble!)  and do you think it would work in a wobble painting?  If you do, let me know what you think and perhaps it will find itself on my blog!  (Believe me, I’m always looking for ideas 🙂  )


5 thoughts on “Plaster Disaster

  1. I love Rapunzel and I love your Wobpunzel. That was one of my favourite fairytales. And I’m a huge Cinderella fan, because, yeah, the sparkly shoes (her dress too!) You, my darling, are brilliant.

  2. I was hoping for a picture of Elanie’s foot print…. did you try while she was sleeping??
    You ask what my favorite fairy tale…. I’m not sure I have one. My favorite cartoon is Shrek.
    Hope you’re enjoying some down time after the art in the park.
    take care.

  3. The fairy tales will all be cute – you’ll be apealing to basically every girl (and guy secretly) out there.
    I think that wobbles on a carousel would be fabulous (Mary Poppins)…It’s a jolly wobholiday with Mary, wonderful ideas!
    Love mom

  4. Nice wobpunzel!
    One of my favourite fairy tales was the Princess and the Pea. I remember asking my Mom if I could put a pea under my mattress to see if I could feel it. She didn’t let me. 😦

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