My New Studio

IMPORTANT!  The painting contest ends tonight at midnight!  Make sure you get your comments in to enter!

Our house is small and doesn’t really allow for a paint space of any kind.  I generally tidy up a table and “move in.”  This obviously has ups and downs.  The positives include the fact that I’m flexible and can paint anywhere I want to, and since most of the canvases I use are a small size, I generally don’t take up a large amount of space.  The main negative point is that I have a hard time cleaning up.  This is because if I start a project, I don’t want to put it away/hang it up/mail it out until it’s all done.  This is the challenge as I often paint in stages; I start and stop quite a bit.  And as I mentioned earlier about our place being quite small, it can create quite a bit of clutter quickly.  If you add a baby and all things baby into the mix, all I can say is that our downstairs sometimes needs an hourly tidy-up. (which does happen on a regular basis!)

The other day, Andres came home with a very exciting present for me – a kitchen cart! (don’t laugh, it isn’t actually for the kitchen!)  It looks very similar to the picture on the left.  He wanted to get me a little space where I can store all my paint supplies permanently.  He was very excited to inform me that it had a granite counter-top, so if I wanted to, I could use the actual counter to mix and use as a palette for my paints.  There is a little drawer to put my brushes in and a special place to put all my paint tubes.  It is currently in a box waiting to be set up – I can’t wait to use it!

So, now I have my easel (which was previously at my parent’s house but was brought down for Art in the Park) and I have a paint cart!  I’m sure many exciting and innovative artworks are going to come from this positive change 🙂  By the way, I forgot to mention that the community painting picture has been properly linked up – I didn’t know it wasn’t working at first – click the link above to see the final picture – it turned out great!

In terms of painting this week I have finished a canvas as usual, but it is a commissioned work and like the RCMP painting, the client has not yet seen it and it is only fair that they see it before you all do!  So, you will have to be content knowing that there is a painting waiting to be shown to you ASAP 🙂  I’ll give you a hint – it’s a fun twist on my coffee shop painting.

With other ideas in mind, I’m hoping that my next piece will be a large canvas – 30″ x 30″ so the 2-4 posts will probably be “to be continued …” I hope you look forward to the process – I’m excited about the image but I need some ideas.  I am wanting to paint a fair (as in merry-go-rounds, ferris wheels and cupcakes / cotton candy) with a cupcake theme.  You’ll find out why in following posts!  Andres thought it would be really fun to have the carousel (the main part of the painting) be in the shape of a cupcake if you can imagine it (with the top being the icing?!)  How else could I incorporate cakes and / or cupcakes into the painting?  Any and all ideas are appreciated!  Have a great Monday and good luck with the contest!


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