It’s been a stress-free week over at the Ruberg house. We have been enjoying some movies, good books, and tv series; I have wanted to watch I love Lucy for some time so we finally caved and got the first season. It was supposed to be the Seinfeld of its time! I have yet to comment on it 🙂 Generally we don’t watch a lot of tv seeing as we don’t have cable, but every once in awhile, a good show comes available through a free, legal streaming site so we give it a try. We’ve watched shows such as The Amazing Race and The Good Wife through these sites and I love doing this because I don’t waste a lot of time watching re-runs or one decorating show after another (which has happened before; I can’t tell you how much time I will waste watching the “tube!” )

There is a new show currently airing called Work of Art that I was really interested to watch.  It is a reality tv show that features 12 artists who work in different media.  Like any reality tv show, it selects one artist to dismiss each week while the others go on, and the winner receives a solo show at a prestigious Art museum.  As Andres and I watched the first episode, it dawned on us that the working atmosphere of those artists is exactly what I couldn’t wait to leave while working on my visual arts degree in university: the competition and critiquing.  Having to compare myself to others and their talents was difficult, and when someone said something insensitive about my work, it lowered my self confidence.  This was quite different than the constructive criticism that I receive from my friends and family whose help and advice I really appreciate.

What do you think about reality tv shows and tv in general?  Is the competitive edge something you like and that draws you into the show or does it turn you off?  (I must admit that this new show is the first that has really got my attention in terms of critique)

The image below is my graduation piece in my fourth year of university.  Looking back now, the people in my work look a bit like wobbles; I tried to take out the detail in order to have anyone relate and put themselves in the position of the painted figures.  My work is a commentary on how much “stuff” we have in North America but how unimportant relationships are (the two colourful images represent materialism, but a lack of personal connection as there are no people in the images)  In contrast, the two black and white images represent other countries (I was speaking in particular to an experience I had recently had in Mexico building houses with an organization similar to Habitat for Humanity) where having relationships is more important.  I hope you enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Commentaries

  1. Those pieces are so different from what I’m used to seeing from you. They’re beautiful, although I’m still partial to wobbles! I love Lucy goes down as one of my favourites and makes me flat out giggle. If only I could pull of “ignorant” so well, she’s awesome. Corey’s never seen an episode so I may have to rent them.

  2. “I Love Lucy” is a great show if you don’t mind laughing until it hurts once in a while! I think I like TV mostly as background noise when I don’t want to have to think (when I put on the radio I find that I listen to the music too much and don’t pay attention what I’m doing)… and of course to watch the Canucks.

    I love your paintings. You are so good at vistas that I sometimes wish you painted them more often. I especially love the two you have up on your wall…I want them both for myself :p.

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