Feeling Green

Black, White, and Green Forest

This past weekend my mom came to stay with us to help out with Bunny.  As you may or may not know, having grandmas around is wonderful because they enjoy showering love on their grandchildren, and it gives me some extra time to do the things I love.  I got a lot of painting done this week, three pieces actually!  It was great because it has shortened my painting list of “to do’s” significantly.  I can now start my big one that I spoke about last week and not feel guilty about needing to have the other ones to finish.  I was “feeling green” with this picture.  It was for a friend who had a bundle of joy over 2 months ago, and I missed her shower because of the newness of my Bunny.  Her nursery is green, which was the reason for the colour choice.

Speaking of green, here’s a question I’d like to put out there for you as readers, and I know this is turning into a bit of a baby post but I don’t do it very often!  Do you try and choose green (environmental) options when available?  Have you used / would you use cloth diapers or do / would you stick with disposables?  My friend Josee writes about green options on her blog often and I really appreciate learning more about the different opportunities out there.  I would say that I try to recycle on a weekly basis but it is difficult without a recycling bin at our townhouse complex.  Andres and I are also going to try and go cloth for awhile.  Many of the economical choices we make happen to be environmentally smart.  We try and buy our groceries local, (from within BC) we turn off lights when we’re not in said room.  This summer we’re watching how often we use the dryer and oven partially because it heats our non-air conditioned house, and partially because it’s pretty easy to air dry clothing as well as have cold dinners (ex. sandwiches or salads.  No, I’m not meaning that we don’t warm up our food!)  Any suggestions for other easy ways to be environmentally friendly? (Bonus points if it helps you stay cool!)


6 thoughts on “Feeling Green

  1. Great post Cindy and BEAUTIFUL painting! 🙂
    I have a lot of ideas for going green but I have to admit that I don’t like the term “green”! In my opinion, green choices are simply smart, sustainable choices because they are good for the environment, and for society and our pocketbooks.
    I hang my laundry to dry too, and as you know I use cloth diapers on my wee one. Some people argue against cloth diapers, saying that they consume a lot of water – which is true – but so does the manufacturing of disposable diapers. Let’s face it: baby bottoms put pressure on the environment no matter which way you spin it!
    Something we’re starting is eating meatless one day a week (well, this is our goal anyway). This saves us a bit of money, gives us an incentive to create tasty meals with protein alternatives, and it reduces pressure on our burdened food systems and agricultural lands.
    I have to comment on “green” products (such as cleaning agents). I am wary of them! I try to make smart choices but it isn’t easy. I have a strong sneaking suspicion that many of the so-called green products are simply labelled differently than conventional cleaners.
    And one more idea (I have to stop or I could go on and on…): growing your own food! This is something we have started doing this year now that we have a bit of space to do it. My little raised-bed is growing lots of food. This reduces my family’s carbon footprint, saves us money (well, it will in the long-run. I had to invest in some garden implements this year so our net savings has been compromised!), and gives me a bit of agri-therapy!
    There you go. Hope to hear some good ideas from other readers!

  2. I have grown up being ‘green’ and my family has always tried to save money this way. I always turn lights off when not in the room, don’t let water run too long, have quick showers, etc. We also try to recycle (again difficult because our townhouse complex doesn’t have bins). I try to buy items that don’t have so much packaging. I like getting used books and checking out thrift stores for stuff.

    On another note, I was in XS Cargo today and noticed that they have a lot of canvases for sale. Lots of different sizes. You might want to check them out.

  3. I’m happy to see that ‘going green’ is becoming part of nearly everyone’s life, or at least there is an awareness that it should be. As for how I go green, it’s probably similar to that of everyone else here…being aware of how much water I use, turning off lights, and only running dishwasher and laundry when they are full. Most of my clothes are hung to dry year round simply because it is better for them and I dry sheets and blankets outside because it makes them smell so great that I fall right into dreamland.

    However, new this year I have started growing some food in containers on my deck. The last couple weeks I have been very happy to have a handful of peas and strawberries every night and the cucumbers are just starting to flower. Next year I might expand to another container or two so I can grow a few more veggies.

  4. Here are a few eco-friendly tips that we’ve come across. Use the microwave to cook food, it’s energy efficient and doesn’t heat up the house. Do you have a backyard? If yes, composting is a great way of keeping things out of the landfill. It doesn’t take much room to set up and if done properly it won’t stink up the neighborhood 😉 Then you can use the compost for your garden or pass it along to someone that gardens. Buy things second hand. Garage sales, thrift stores, hand-me-downs are a great way to reduce our impact on the environment.

  5. I’ve been trying to think of things that we do that would be ‘environmentally conscious’ and am having a hard time. A lot of those things have some price incentive too. Composting and recycling both cut back on how much we pay to dispose of it (we’re on a pay-by-the-bag system up here). I was using cloth bags a lot for groceries but am temporarily out of the habit. We use cloth primarily, with disposables for the rare days when every cover seems to end up dirty (very rare, but it happens :-s). I like them a lot, partly for the cost savings, but also because Sarah’s skin just seems so much better in the cloth. At night we’re dealing with occasional overflows by using one of those change pads on the sheet under her so that saves on some laundry too. I like to use the library, too, but i’m not sure thats so much environmentally conscious as it is budget conscious. I’ve been amazed at how many good movies they have for (free) rent.

    One thing we’re contemplating is buying local beef. There are local producers throughout the valley that routinely sell beef around or sometimes below our grocery store price. It isn’t always a half-cow quantity that you’d have to buy either. Last year we grew a decent amount of our own produce which hasn’t happened this year but should next year. Usually others have extra produce in their gardens so we (and you) may be able to get some extras from someone else. Maybe craigslist a ‘extra garden produce wanted’ add? In the mean time, i’m freezing, and hopefully canning, a bunch of Okanagan fruit for over the fall and winter.

    PS I agree with Erin about the ‘green’ products… I get suspicious of any ‘all natural’ products too. Also, the mercury in the CFL lightbulbs makes them harder to dispose of and potentially toxic if you accidentally break one so we don’t use them.

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