Summer Sabbatical

The weather has been awesome, I’ve had company, and I’ve had the “6 week you’re back to your old self” from the doctor, which are all excuses for no update on the carousel painting, which thematically, fits perfectly with a painting commission I did awhile back.

Coffee Walk

The theme?  Coffee 🙂  Or rather, summer fun.  I have been getting into a great summer routine and although I have been painting a bit, it has been less than normal.  I have been visiting friends here (at home) there (Starbucks or Timmy’s) and everywhere (the mall, Wal-Mart etc.)  I’ve been cleaning and, you guessed it, getting back into the gym.  I haven’t been to the gym in about 4-5 months because of my pregnancy, and I can’t tell you how great it feels to “move” again and have the doc’s go-ahead.  The park has been fun and going out for dinners and ice cream is what summer is all about.  My next challenge – get a couple of good books and relax outside in the shade with Bunny.  I would paint in the sunshine / shade but find it very difficult.  Have you ever tried to paint outside before?  If you use acrylics like me, I find it challenging because the paint dries so fast as a result of the heat.  Apparently there are acrylics you can buy that are slow drying, but I don’t want to purchase a whole new set just for summer time.  Furthermore, the fast dry action of acrylics is one of the perks to me.  I love not having to wait hours before starting second coats or outlining.  I wait 10 min and I’m good to go.

Anyways, I have decided, as you may already have noticed from an absent Monday post, that I’m going to take a short summer sabbatical from posting and painting. (two paintings a week, no matter the size, is challenging with a 2 month old around!)  I have decided that August my month to play and relax rather than push myself too hard and be disappointed that I missed the sunshine.  If you are a Bunny’s Blog reader I will continue to update that page with pictures as August goes by.  If you haven’t checked out Bunny’s Blog and want to, just send me an email or give me a call and I will send you the password.  Ciao for now; check back September 1st (which is a Wednesday but I’ll change my schedule the Monday / Thursday schedule that week) to find out what I will have been up to during August.  There may be one painting, there may be a lot of paintings!  You’ll never know (which is why you’ll have to check!)  Happy August – enjoy the sunshine 🙂  I know I will.


4 thoughts on “Summer Sabbatical

  1. I think a break is an excellent idea! A break in Chilliwack would be even wiser 🙂 I promise to feed you, talk your ear off and take you to Starbucks (and Timmy’s if I must) at least once while you’re here!

  2. That’s mine!!!! 😀 and I LOVE it. I was just thinking you hadn’t posted…I’ll miss you cyber-ly but hopefully will see you personally!!

  3. Hey Cindy! It was sure nice seeing you and meeting little Elanie the other day, you have a very beautiful little girl:> I love following your blog and seeing all your new creations and would love it if I could follow your other blog on little Elanie. Anyways, love this new piece and hope your surviving the Kamloops sun:>

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