Sweet Treats

It’s been a great August filled with trips down to Chilliwack, dinner outings, bowling, lots and lots of coffee / visiting, and eating cupcakes.  Eating cupcakes you might ask?  YES!  Some most scrumptious treats!  The story behind why eating cupcakes has recently joined my recent list of activities can be found below!

Remember back to Art in the Park where Andres and I had a fun and busy day meeting lots of people, handing out business cards, smiling and selling artwork.  Unbeknown to us, the owner of Sweet Spot Cupcakes, paid us a visit and took a business card.  She contacted me a few days after the show interested in commissioning a work for her store.  Teresa has a “wobble-esque” style of cake making that makes her work incredibly unique and very eye catching.  I was fascinated by the shapes of the cakes and the variety of looks she was able to create.  Teresa thought that wobbles might be perfect complimentary wall art for her cakes and cupcakes.  I thought so too.  After numerous emails, brainstorming sessions and tasty treats we came up with an idea that we were both excited about.

Teresa provided me with a number of great inspirational pictures featuring some of her creations and I really wanted to continue exploring the idea of black and white wobble art with splashes of color.  Andres really enjoyed my Housefull painting and thought that would be a great way to bring out the store in a unique way.  And what a better way to advertise a cupcake/cake store than a store that looks like a cupcake!  There was quite a bit of draft work behind the “look” that the store was going to receive, and the colors it would be done in.  However, after a lot of brainstorming I went with a classic look that I think really worked in the piece.

Finally, I really wanted to have some wobbles enjoying the cupcakes, but it is hard to give wobbles a lot of emotional expression.  So, to show the joy one receives upon picking up a sweet treat I decided it would be neat to have the wobbles transitioning from black and white to color as they left the cupcake store.  This reminded Andres of a Dr. Seuss story involving some machine that printed stars on those brave enough to enter.  It also reminded both of us of an interesting video game where you play as a blob of paint and need to hop around a black and white world to add color.

Below is the result of our creative efforts.  Both myself and Teresa were very happy with the final painting.  Also included are a few of the inspirational cake/cupcake photos that really gave me some great ideas about what I could do with the piece.  When/while in Kamloops, make sure you visit Sweet Spot Cupcakes, I highly recommend it.  You can see the painting while enjoying a scrumptious morsel at the same time!


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