It was a busy week back, and it feels so good to be painting again on a regular basis.  By “on a regular basis” now means about 1/2 hour a day, maximum.  Having a baby makes everything slooow down quite a bit. Generally I’m a somewhat absent minded person and have not ever been really good at efficiently managing my time, although I put in an honest effort.  Now, my pre-pregnancy days look incredibly productive and sometimes I long for an hour with my easel.  That is where my mom and mom-in-law come in – gramas love looking after my Bunny, and here and there, I’m getting an hour of one-on-one time with my paints and canvas.

As you can see, I have been going quartertime with my carousel painting.  Remember at the end of July when I said I might paint one, I might paint a lot more during my month of free time?  Well, the truth is, I really only worked on my Sweet Treats canvas and my carousel was set aside for another day.  I didn’t touch it the entire month.  At all. Not one brush stroke.  Which means, I really am back where I left off at my Sweet Summer post.  I am excited about working on it, (and want to finish it since I have been thinking about some sweet new ideas) and hopefully I will get a good amount of progress on it throughout this week and will have something to show for my efforts on Thursday 🙂  I am struggling with matching greens once again – note my two trees on the left side – and hopefully the foliage will be done by Thursday! (they might just end up being the last thing I paint in this picture!)  I am considering cotton candy trees (multicolour) instead of green ones.  What do you think!

Was there anything you took a break from during the summer and are excited about getting back into?


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