Round and Round

I’m slowly chipping away at this one!  During the weekend I started the carousel itself and adding more colour makes such a difference to any canvas.  Round and round I go; each coat makes it look better.  I love covering over the white.  The less white, the more finished I feel, even if I still need more coats.  I’ve wanted to outline the top bit, with the sky and clouds, but have so far restrained myself.  Sometimes when I need a pick-me-up, a bit of outlining is a good way to go.  Speaking of pick-me-ups, I have  been off coffee and sugar the last couple of days, and it’s rough!  Like, really rough.  Amazing how something so small makes such a difference to my morning.  And, it makes it difficult if I want to go out – no ice cream, no chocolate, no coffee, no pop, etc. etc. etc.  What else is there to do out?!  Have you read my other posts about coffee?  I’m a coffee-holic, and not having my morning jolt has not been pleasant.  The reason you might ask?  Bunny generally goes to bed super late (like midnight) and I’ve been wondering if her little body is as sensitive as Andres’ – he can’t have any caffeine after 6pm otherwise he’s up until at least 2am.  It’s the same with sugar.  So, I’ve been holding back in hopes that Bunny starts turning in sooner.  So far (the past 2 days) she has gone to bed about 10:30pm with a couple wake-ups.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ve found a solution!  And no, please don’t think to yourself, oh just have decaf, it’s the same thing – it’s NOT!  When you need a pick-me-up, you need the real deal.  Maybe I’ll put a couple of wobbles in my painting drinking coffee – at least they can pretend to enjoy it 🙂  Do you have any vices that are hard to give up? And do you have alternatives that although are not as good, still do the trick?  Maybe by next week the entire top of my painting will be finished, ie. outlined.  It might be my new caffeine and sugar-free pick-me-up!


5 thoughts on “Round and Round

  1. Wow Cindy, I’m surprised that you’re giving up coffee. That must be really challenging since I know you love it. Keep me updated as to how it goes 🙂

  2. That’s looking amazing, Cindy… I like all the colours.
    Hope your experiment works; remember that there’s always tea… Much of which can be non-caffeinated and wonderful for you!

  3. Wow! That is a hard one 🙂 I did a similar diet for my gallbladder last year and it was really tough! For me the social aspects were almost worse than the sugar and caffine withdrawls! Hang in there 😉 I do drink Swiss water decaf now and my body likes it too but it doesn’t taste as good 😦

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