My needle is a paintbrush

You know what might be super fun had if I have the nerve to do it?  Actually embroider the wobbles into this painting.  Then it truly would have some textile qualities to it.  What do you think?  I haven’t embroidered anything since my university days when I took a Textiles class in my teacher education year.  It was one of my most memorable classes – I loved it.  It was a pass / fail class, so I just got to jump in and try everything.  We did all sorts of fun stuff like indigo dying, felting, even a performance art piece where we all went to the Vancouver Art Gallery and knit right outside the doors.  There must have been about 20 of us, all knitting. (my own scarf was pathetically small, and grew VERY slowly through the two hours we spent making a statement about knitting) I don’t remember what our point was, but a lot of people sure were interested in what we were doing!  I decided about that time that I was NOT a performance artist.  I don’t like to be watched while art-making generally, especially when it’s not my forte.  I do like people visiting with me while I paint, because then it’s not such a silent activity.  If I paint by myself, I really tune out and become focused on what I’m doing.

I hope my square looks a bit quilted, in the sense that it has the triangle stair pattern to it!  Yes, I know it has been outlined, but that is because I need to know where my “stitches” are going to be put.  I had a lot of fun thinking about the colours for the “quilt” – the actual quilt I got my ideas from only used two colours and a white.  I didn’t want to do the same colour pattern, so I tried a couple of different ideas.  Most got the “it’s too valentine-ey” from Andres, so I stuck with the above.  It feels weird not to have a red in this one – for some reason usually red plays a prominent role.

In any case, You’ll see the final piece on Monday, embroidered or not!


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