7 Quick Takes

I got this idea from a couple of other bloggers I read regularly, who do it every once in awhile.  It’s just really suiting my day today.  Bunny has been quite a handful and if I don’t do this fast, my Monday post won’t get done 🙂

1.  I had a good visit with my sister today and it was nice to chat.  I have a hard time keeping up with everyone in my life at times, currently due to my daughter, and when I get in a good visit while out for coffee or on the phone, it just makes my day better.

2.  I still haven’t put up my canvas at Sweet Spot Cupcakes – I am hoping to get that done tomorrow evening.

3.  My current quilt canvas isn’t near as far along as I had hoped it would be.  See image below 🙂

4.  We are going to my parents house for Thanksgiving this year.  I am very excited to take a trip, small as it is, and to be in another location for a couple of days.  Also, I will not have a post next Monday since we will be traveling home and I won’t have painted at all during the holiday!

5. I love turkey.  And stuffing 🙂

6.  Andres and I recently bought a new computer game – Civilization 5.  You may or may not know that this game can be extremely addicting. (kind of like minesweeper, it just takes a lot longer!) I am very excited about having a go at this new version, yet very nervous that it will start taking up all my “Cindy time” while Bunny is asleep.  As I struggle enough as it is to be productive, I believe I will have to be very careful to make sure I don’t get too caught up in it.

7.  I have 8 art projects that need to get started.  I am beginning to wonder how these will get done 🙂  They always do, and really, it gives me a lot to write about on my blog.  I’ll just have to paint one at a time.

Have a great week, and I’ll be back on Thursday hopefully with a less random, more “knit-together” post (hehe)


One thought on “7 Quick Takes

  1. I agree with #5! I’m hoping it comes along with some krauted-cabbage rolls, and maybe some pumpkin pie. And whipped cream 🙂

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