A Healthy Dose of Perspective

Yup, Merry Poppins didn’t give me that spoonful of sugar this time, although the perspective didn’t leave a bad aftertaste.  Rather, it left me feeling very thankful for where I’m at in life.  Since moving back to Kamloops I have had the pleasure of meeting up with quite a few of my high school peers.  It seems we’re all destined to come back even though we all were so keen on moving away back then!  Last August when I was bumping into everyone, it was interesting to exchange stories about where we were at in life.  But since then, I haven’t seen so many “old faces” until just this past weekend.  I randomly met up with an old acquaintance and like before, we exchanged hello’s and how we were doing at present.  I found myself surprised at what I had to say; you see, I hadn’t really thought about all the blessings I’ve been given in awhile.  (This may be because of the sleep-deprived nights I’ve been having lately!!)  I really had nothing but positive things to say.  I said positive.  That doesn’t mean life has been easy or rosy.  As a matter of fact, it’s been downright challenging and difficult at times.  Yet I feel joyful.

I guess this is a thankful post and it’s a little late as Thanksgiving was last weekend, but I felt I had to share.  The picture below is of my Cupcake carousel up at Sweet Spot Cupcakes.  I am also thankful that my work can be shown in such a great venue 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Healthy Dose of Perspective

  1. Being thankful really gives you the best outlook on life- the road is never easy, or maybe I should say seldom easy, but can be a wonderful, adventuresome, exciting highway!
    Glad you’re a thankful and positive person – what a blessing 🙂

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