On Edge

Andres and I got to brainstorming for my up and coming art show and along with all of your suggestions (thank you!) we have come up with a couple of great canvas painting concepts.  We’ve done a sort of twist on an old painting that we both love.  The old one is below.

This painting was originally a “we’ll try and see what happens” painting.  There was no composition or colour planning, I just went for it and this was what my canvas looked like at the end.  To say the least, I was thrilled.   I didn’t want to paint this one again, but did want to do another boardwalk painting.  Andres suggested I might do a rocky beach.  I have had others tell me that they rarely see rocky beach paintings, so I was intrigued.  To make things even more interesting, I am using darker colours this time around rather than the regular bright and happy.  I don’t think my new colour scheme is going to take away the cheerfulness, rather, it will just be a cloudy day with happy wobbles 🙂

This isn’t the entire painting, I have to keep you guessing for next Monday.  You can see my “beach” though, and how different it is.  It’s fun to paint rocks.  I have to try and give each side of the stones a different tone and texture, which is challenging.  I’m guessing my wobbles will probably be red and purple again 🙂  Hopefully you can relate to this picture – Andres and I have done our fair share of walking on rocky beaches – the University of British Columbia has beautiful beaches all around its perimeter.  We’ve been out on days exactly like what I’m trying to paint, and it certainly isn’t gloomy.  Instead, it’s a refreshing walk with a slight breeze that feels good on your cheeks.

Andres said that he was inspired by the West Coast Trail when he envisioned this painting.  It reminded him of the rocky stretches of beach that were quite exciting to navigate!  Especially with short legs like mine 😉  That was definitely one of the more adventurous undertakings we’ve had as a couple and it has inspired a few wobble paintings in the past.  Our other experiences on that hike will likely take the form of wobble paintings in the future.

Have you gone on any adventures that pushed you beyond what you thought you were capable of?


One thought on “On Edge

  1. Cindy, Scuba diving is definitely the adventure that pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of, in face every dive I’ve made I have to talk myself into doing it, and am so proud of myself that I can do it. I love diving, but have to deal with my fear of being underwater for such a long time, with the big fishes, and possible sharks!!

    :o) love reading your blogs!

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