As I was studying my current painting to make sure I had finished everything, I was reminded of a trip I took with my parents a LONG time ago.  A rocky beach, a nippy breeze; my dad telling me that I was dipping my big toe in the Atlantic Ocean.  I was probably about 12 years old maybe?  It was my second time in my dad’s hometown of Middle Cove, Newfoundland.  The beach was very close to my grandparents house, just down a dirt road.  It was a lovely visit.  My grandfather was a very talented florist among other things and he had a large greenhouse that was full of the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen.  The landscaping around my grandparents house was also something to behold.  I remember small paths in all different directions and tall trees creating quite an enchanted forest of sorts.  I spent hours enjoying the outdoors in their yard.

I have only visited Newfoundland a couple more times since; it is such a beautiful place.  I look forward to going there again someday. (They do have an East Coast Trail, like the West Coast Trail that I referenced in my last post!)

My painting really reminds me of my experiences in Newfoundland, hence I have affectionately called it “The shores of Newfoundland”  I did not intend to paint it out of my memories, but somehow, they came out anyways!


The Shores of Newfoundland



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