Last week my good friend Alissa from came over with her camera to snap some photos of my girl.  I love taking pictures but it’s very recreational.  I snap whatever I can, whenever the moment looks good.  I end up with a lot of cute faces, but many are blurry, and who knows what is in the background of my pictures!  I’m focusing solely on my Bunny and what she is doing.  (I should stick to painting 🙂 )  Alissa is a professional photographer and thinks about a lot more than cute faces when she’s taking pictures (I’m sure of it!)  Her images have beautiful compositional layouts using foreground and background placement, and striking colour / black and white contrast.  Her subject (in my case, Bunny) is sensitively captured whether or not it’s a smile or some tiny toes.  Haha, look at me trying to sound all artsy 😉  In any case, we spent about an hour taking photos – Bunny did what she does best – look cute.  Alissa was able to capture her in a few different outfits, playing with her toys, looking outside, on her tummy, sitting up, and spending time with mommy.  The results of Alissa’s efforts?  Precious moments that are now captured forever!  I am thrilled with the pictures and now have Christmas cards to send out 🙂

Alissa doesn’t just do baby photography; she photographs weddings, special events, portraits, and boudoir.  You may not have heard about her business, Alissa Bjorn Photography, as she has just started up this year.  I highly recommend checking out her website:

She is wonderful to work with!  If you like her work (and I know you will) and also like to facebook you can also search for her at Alissa Bjorn Photography:  she’d love if you “liked” her page.

By the way, do you think Bunny looks like her mommy or daddy?!


6 thoughts on “Snapshot

  1. So cute! I was checking out her website and one of the shots looks like you pregnant. The subject is looking down and totally looks like you, the other two sort of look like you but I can’t quite tell (some best friend eh? Can’t even tell…) anyways, was it you?

    1. haha, yes, the pregnant pics are also of me 🙂 That was another great photo shoot – we went to the park and got ice cream – perfect pregnant morning! And more great pictures.

  2. Soooo cute! Congrats you two – she is beautiful. Looks more like Mommy but that expression is totally Daddy trying to look like he is not Mafia 🙂

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