November Quick Takes

Wow, another busy day, so the posting hasn’t happened as fast as I thought it would.  However, success in painting land!  I have been pretty prolific the last couple of days.  And by prolific, I mean that I have had about 1-1/2 hours a day rather than my usual 45min.  This is due to Andres taking our bunny out-and-about so I could have some solo time.  Thank you Daddy!

*My commission has officially been started!

This may not look like much, but what you see on the back of my canvas is about an hour’s worth of work to figure out the correct shade of colour for the background.  Don’t believe me?  I’m serious.  Dead serious. 🙂

*I have been hard at work redesigning an old classic 🙂

You may remember this one from a long time back.  Generally speaking, this is my “spring” painting that is part of a seasons series.  Generally the “summer” and “winter” ones have two wobbles, while the “spring” and “fall” ones are solo wobbles.  As you can see, my two bodies are still in need of heads, but I want to make it appear as though they are kissing.  You know love is in the air in the springtime!  (Kayce, this is the last one!  I WILL have them all done by Christmas!)

*I still haven’t mailed my painting, so you don’t get a picture of that one.  I know this is terrible, as all I need to do is go to the post office.  I WILL get there!

*I have not made any more peppernuts since my post, and the ones I did make are all gone 🙂

*My mom comes to visit me this Wednesday, so be prepared for this week’s Thursday post!  Be sure that there will be some VERY exciting updates on the above two paintings.

*We got our Christmas tree up this past Friday. (So great!)  I also bought some felt to make my Jesse Tree ornaments.  Stay tuned for pictures of those.  I almost started them today, but my painting just seemed to call to me today, so that got priority.  By the way, does anyone know where I can find a longer strip of felt?  The dollar store sells the 8 1/2 by 11 pieces that are perfect for the ornaments, but I need a longer piece for the actual tree and background.  I am thinking Michaels, but would rather go somewhere else if I could.

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you have had a good start to the week 🙂


5 thoughts on “November Quick Takes

  1. Check out Fabricland (if you’ve got one) or any other fabric store. They usually have felt that can be cut to whatever length you’d like.

    ps. the background on the painting is divine!

  2. I’d suggest fabricland over Michaels. They’re in Northhills Mall. Have you considered making the tree out of smaller layered pieces of felt? In my head it looks kind of like an appliqué design… Looking forward to finished paintings 🙂

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