One Day Late

I have been on an Art blitz!  It has been so great to have my parents around.  They watched Bunny all day yesterday so I could finish / fix up some of my pieces for the Salmon Arm Art Show, and I got to finish my spring painting. (which looks great by the way!)  I had to give my list of paintings to the gallery yesterday so it’s now set in stone.  It’s hard to decide which ones to put in a show.  Do you want to put out all of your personal favourites?  Or do you put ones in that you don’t necessarily think are your best works, but have had lots of other people comment on?  Everyone has such a personal aesthetic when it comes to art of any kind.  Andres and I both feel good about 7/10 of the paintings we’re putting in the show.  The other three we’ve had a lot of interest in, so even though we feel that they are “missing” that something special, most people seem to like them.   I guess the proof will be in which ones sell (if any!  I always try not to hold my breath about that.  That way, if any do sell, it’s extra exciting)  I’m hoping I will have the online invitation for opening night in the next couple days so I can put it on the blog.

To boot, I got started on my Jesse Tree decorations and am finished 3 of them!  I have busily been sewing away in the evenings when I don’t feel like painting, but am watching tv with Andres.  Truth be told, I have been so busy, I wasn’t able to post yesterday, and still haven’t had the time to take pictures of my work.  I will get to it eventually, so you’ll have to wait on pictures.  I am starting my commissioned work today and am looking forward to getting a lot accomplished on it.  Do you remember my list of 9 paintings I still needed to do?  I’m now proud to say I’m down to 5, and that includes the new commission.  Hopefully I’m going to get 4 of those 5 out of the way by Sunday.  Hurray!  The stress level is slowly diminishing.

Anyways, I felt that I needed to update you!  I have NOT been lazy 🙂  I will try and get some pictures up ASAP.


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