A week with Grandma and Grampa V.

So, my parents came to visit this past week to give Andres and I a break from life as we know it 🙂  As I said previously, I also had some time akin to my pre-baby days to paint and get “caught up” so to speak on my projects.  Did I ever paint.  Paint flew. Literally. My living room floor was peppered with paint drops as I feverishly worked on canvases, large and small.  I got so much done it was amazing.  All in all, I painted 5 canvases in 3 1/2 days.  Not bad huh? As of Sunday, I now have all my gallery paintings done, a baby set done, and my sister’s long awaited wedding gift is also complete.  You might not believe this, but we also found time to do a bit of shopping, watch Midsomer Murders, and drink a LOT of coffee, most of which was from McDonalds since they currently have their coffee promo on. (free coffee can’t be beat. Also, I am not in the habit of drinking caffeinated beverages right now, so I only had decaf at the house.)  While I was attacking the painting, my mom somehow found time to not only watch my bunny, but she cleaned bathrooms, made dinners, and did my laundry.  Wow.  I hope I get back to that amount of productivity someday!

The bad news: ( this always has to come first so the good news sounds that much better 🙂 )  I can’t show you most of these pictures as they are gifts, and it wouldn’t be fair if they didn’t get to see them first.  I can show you in about two weeks time.

The Good news: (hurray!) I was so busy painting that I didn’t get to show you my Thursday’s pictures.  Therefore, I can show you those today, so you still get a picture, actually 5 pictures! (you’re so lucky 😉 )

The first four are my Jesse Tree ornaments.  I hope you like them!  They have been fun to make, and I generally sew in the evenings while watching a bit of tv with Andres.  It’s relaxing, especially since Bunny is asleep.  I get about one done in two days.  They don’t take that long to make though – I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into at first – I thought they would take a lot of time.  The longest part by far for me is the sewing since I don’t have a sewing machine.  But at the same time, it’s fun to do something different with your hands.  I could never knit, so this makes me feel as though I can be somewhat successful with felt!

The last two are the original Spring, and the redesigned Spring.  Which do you like better and why?

Happy Monday everyone – one more day until December!


2 thoughts on “A week with Grandma and Grampa V.

  1. Are your Jesse Tree ornaments based on an Advent Tree? They look really familiar to ones I used to color as a child – we’d get Bristol Board and cut out a large tree, and then color an ornament each day before Christmas to put on it while my Mom read the advent that went along with it.

  2. Love the ornaments 😉 Way to go sewing them by hand~!

    You know… I like both the spring pictures. They seem like a progression to me. A young woman day dreaming in the flower and then her the next year… in love. I prefer the sky and tree in the new one. The simplicity of the tree and the colourful sky work great together. I like the tulips in the first painting though because they are more striking. Those are my thoughts.

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